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MatchModelString is a function in GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. The games use index matching to match a map model name with its index, which is defined in the OBJS, TOBJ, or WEAP sections of an item definition file. The index is then stored at the listed memory address which the games can use to further manipulate the object as listed in the properties column. The following tables are ordered based the models' appearance in the function.


The function is at memory address 0x48F030 in v1.0 US.

Model name Address Variable name Properties
fire_hydrant 0x5F5A00 MI_FIRE_HYDRANT
bagelstnd02 0x5F59FC MI_BAGELSTAND2
fish01 0x5F59EC MI_FISHSTALL01
fishstall02 0x5F59F0 MI_FISHSTALL02
fishstall03 0x5F59F4 MI_FISHSTALL03
fishstall04 0x5F59F8 MI_FISHSTALL04
taxisign 0x5F59E8 MI_TAXISIGN
phonesign 0x5F59E4 MI_PHONESIGN
noparkingsign1 0x5F59E0 MI_NOPARKINGSIGN1
bussign1 0x5F59DC MI_BUSSIGN1
roadworkbarrier1 0x5F59D8 MI_ROADWORKBARRIER1
dump1 0x5F59D4 MI_DUMP1
trafficcone 0x5F59D0 MI_TRAFFICCONE
newsstand1 0x5F59CC MI_NEWSSTAND
postbox1 0x5F59C8 MI_POSTBOX1
bin1 0x5F59C4 MI_BIN
wastebin 0x5F59C0 MI_WASTEBIN
phonebooth1 0x5F59BC MI_PHONEBOOTH1
parkingmeter 0x5F59B8 MI_PARKINGMETER
trafficlight1 0x5F5958 MI_TRAFFICLIGHTS
doublestreetlght1 0x5F5968 MI_DOUBLESTREETLIGHTS
veg_tree1 0x5F5974 MI_TREE1
veg_tree3 0x5F5978 MI_TREE2
veg_treea1 0x5F597C MI_TREE3
veg_treenew01 0x5F5980 MI_TREE4
veg_treenew05 0x5F5984 MI_TREE5
veg_treeb1 0x5F5988 MI_TREE6
veg_treenew10 0x5F598C MI_TREE7
veg_treea3 0x5F5990 MI_TREE8
veg_treenew09 0x5F5994 MI_TREE9
veg_treenew08 0x5F5998 MI_TREE10
veg_treenew03 0x5F599C MI_TREE11
veg_treenew16 0x5F59A0 MI_TREE12
veg_treenew17 0x5F59A4 MI_TREE13
veg_treenew06 0x5F59A8 MI_TREE14
doc_crane_cab 0x5F59AC MODELID_CRANE_1
cranetopb 0x5F59B0 MODELID_CRANE_2
cranetopa 0x5F59B4 MODELID_CRANE_3
package1 0x5F5A04 MI_COLLECTABLE1
Money 0x5F5A08 MI_MONEY
  • Dead ped money drops
  • Money effects like corona and light glow
  • Robbed ped money drops[1]
barrel1 0x5F5A0C MI_CARMINE
  • DROP_MINE command
  • Mine effects like corona and light glow
oddjgaragdoor 0x5F5A10 MI_GARAGEDOOR1
bombdoor 0x5F5A14 MI_GARAGEDOOR2
door_bombshop 0x5F5A18 MI_GARAGEDOOR3
vheistlocdoor 0x5F5A1C MI_GARAGEDOOR4
door2_garage 0x5F5A20 MI_GARAGEDOOR5
ind_slidedoor 0x5F5A24 MI_GARAGEDOOR6
bankjobdoor 0x5F5A28 MI_GARAGEDOOR7
door_jmsgrage 0x5F5A2C MI_GARAGEDOOR9
jamesgrge_kb 0x5F5A30 MI_GARAGEDOOR10
door_sfehousegrge 0x5F5A34 MI_GARAGEDOOR11
shedgaragedoor 0x5F5A38 MI_GARAGEDOOR12
door4_garage 0x5F5A3C MI_GARAGEDOOR13
door_col_compnd_01 0x5F5A40 MI_GARAGEDOOR14
door_col_compnd_02 0x5F5A44 MI_GARAGEDOOR15
door_col_compnd_03 0x5F5A48 MI_GARAGEDOOR16
door_col_compnd_04 0x5F5A4C MI_GARAGEDOOR17
door_col_compnd_05 0x5F5A50 MI_GARAGEDOOR18
impex_door 0x5F5A54 MI_GARAGEDOOR19
SalvGarage 0x5F5A58 MI_GARAGEDOOR20
door3_garage 0x5F5A5C MI_GARAGEDOOR21
leveldoor2 0x5F5A60 MI_GARAGEDOOR22
double_garage_dr 0x5F5A64 MI_GARAGEDOOR23
amcogaragedoor 0x5F5A68 MI_GARAGEDOOR24
towergaragedoor1 0x5F5A6C MI_GARAGEDOOR25
towergaragedoor2 0x5F5A70 MI_GARAGEDOOR26
towergaragedoor3 0x5F5A74 MI_GARAGEDOOR27
plysve_gragedoor 0x5F5A78 MI_GARAGEDOOR28
impexpsubgrgdoor 0x5F5A7C MI_GARAGEDOOR29
Sub_sprayshopdoor 0x5F5A80 MI_GARAGEDOOR30
ind_plyrwoor 0x5F5A84 MI_GARAGEDOOR31
8ballsuburbandoor 0x5F5A88 MI_GARAGEDOOR32
crushercrush 0x5F5A90 MI_CRUSHERBODY
crushertop 0x5F5A94 MI_CRUSHERLID
donkeymag 0x5F5A98 MI_DONKEYMAG
bullion 0x5F5A9C MI_BULLION
floatpackge1 0x5F5AA0 MI_FLOATPACKAGE1
briefcase 0x5F5AA4 MI_BRIEFCASE
  • Briefcase effects (borrowed from mine effects) like corona and light glow
chinabanner1 0x5F5AA8 MI_CHINABANNER1
chinabanner2 0x5F5AAC MI_CHINABANNER2
chinabanner3 0x5F5AB0 MI_CHINABANNER3
chinabanner4 0x5F5AB4 MI_CHINABANNER4
iten_chinatown5 0x5F5AB8 MI_CHINABANNER5
iten_chinatown7 0x5F5ABC MI_CHINABANNER6
iten_chinatown3 0x5F5AC0 MI_CHINABANNER7
iten_chinatown2 0x5F5AC4 MI_CHINABANNER8
iten_chinatown4 0x5F5AC8 MI_CHINABANNER9
iten_washline01 0x5F5ACC MI_CHINABANNER10
iten_washline02 0x5F5AD0 MI_CHINABANNER11
iten_washline03 0x5F5AD4 MI_CHINABANNER12
chinalanterns 0x5F5AD8 MI_CHINALANTERN
glassfx1 0x5F5ADC MI_GLASS1
glassfx2 0x5F5AE0 MI_GLASS2
glassfx3 0x5F5AE4 MI_GLASS3
glassfx4 0x5F5AE8 MI_GLASS4
glassfx55 0x5F5AEC MI_GLASS5
glassfxsub1 0x5F5AF0 MI_GLASS6
glassfxsub2 0x5F5AF4 MI_GLASS7
glassfx_composh 0x5F5AF8 MI_GLASS8
bridge_liftsec 0x5F5AFC MI_BRIDGELIFT
bridge_liftweight 0x5F5B00 MI_BRIDGEWEIGHT
subbridge_lift 0x5F5B04 MI_BRIDGEROADSEGMENT
flagsitaly 0x5F5B0C MI_ITALYBANNER1
adrenaline 0x5F5B10 MI_PICKUP_ADRENALINE
bodyarmour 0x5F5B14 MI_PICKUP_BODYARMOUR
info 0x5F5B18 MI_PICKUP_INFO
bonus 0x5F5B20 MI_PICKUP_BONUS
bribe 0x5F5B24 MI_PICKUP_BRIBE
killfrenzy 0x5F5B28 MI_PICKUP_KILLFRENZY
camerapickup 0x5F5B2C MI_PICKUP_CAMERA
bollardlight 0x5F5B30 MI_BOLLARDLIGHT
magnet 0x5F5B34 MI_MAGNET
streetlamp1 0x5F5B38 MI_STREETLAMP1
streetlamp2 0x5F5B3C MI_STREETLAMP2
railtrax_lo4b 0x5F5B40 MI_RAILTRACKS
bar_barrier10 0x5F5B44 MI_FENCE
bar_barrier12 0x5F5B48 MI_FENCE2
petrolpump 0x5F5B4C MI_PETROLPUMP
bodycast 0x5F5B50 MI_BODYCAST
backdoor 0x5F5B54 MI_BACKDOOR
coffee 0x5F5B58 MI_COFFEE
bouy 0x5F5B5C MI_BUOY
parktable1 0x5F5B60 MI_PARKTABLE
sbwy_tunl_start 0x5F5B64 MI_SUBWAY1
sbwy_tunl_bit 0x5F5B68 MI_SUBWAY2
sbwy_tunl_bend 0x5F5B6C MI_SUBWAY3
sbwy_tunl_cstm6 0x5F5B70 MI_SUBWAY4
sbwy_tunl_cstm7 0x5F5B74 MI_SUBWAY5
sbwy_tunl_cstm8 0x5F5B78 MI_SUBWAY6
sbwy_tunl_cstm10 0x5F5B7C MI_SUBWAY7
sbwy_tunl_cstm9 0x5F5B80 MI_SUBWAY8
sbwy_tunl_cstm11 0x5F5B84 MI_SUBWAY9
sbwy_tunl_cstm1 0x5F5B88 MI_SUBWAY10
sbwy_tunl_cstm2 0x5F5B8C MI_SUBWAY11
sbwy_tunl_cstm4 0x5F5B90 MI_SUBWAY12
sbwy_tunl_cstm3 0x5F5B94 MI_SUBWAY13
sbwy_tunl_cstm5 0x5F5B98 MI_SUBWAY14
subplatform_n2 0x5F5B9C MI_SUBWAY15
suby_tunl_start 0x5F5BA0 MI_SUBWAY16
sbwy_tunl_start2 0x5F5BA4 MI_SUBWAY17
indy_tunl_start 0x5F5BA8 MI_SUBWAY18
comerside_subway 0x5F5BB0 MI_SUBPLATFORM_COMS
subplatform 0x5F5BB4 MI_SUBPLATFORM_COMS2
subplatform_n 0x5F5BB8 MI_SUBPLATFORM_COMN
Otherside_subway 0x5F5BBC MI_SUBPLATFORM_SUB
subplatform_sub 0x5F5BC0 MI_SUBPLATFORM_SUB2
files 0x5F5BC4 MI_FILES

Vice City

The function is at memory address 0x4A75DD in v1.0 US.

Model name Address Variable name Properties
fire_hydrant 0x68E8A4 MI_FIRE_HYDRANT
  • Trigger fire hydrant water after collision
  • Trigger fire hydrant water after destruction
  • Reposition object
phonesign 0x68E8A0 MI_PHONESIGN
  • Reposition object
noparkingsign1 0x68E89C MI_NOPARKINGSIGN1
  • Reposition object
bussign1 0x68E898 MI_BUSSIGN1
  • Reposition object
roadworkbarrier1 0x68E894 MI_ROADWORKBARRIER1
  • Creation of roadblocks
  • Reposition object
dump1 0x68E890 MI_DUMP1
  • Reposition object
trafficcone 0x68E88C MI_TRAFFICCONE
  • Reposition object
newsstand1 0x68E888 MI_NEWSSTAND
  • Reposition object
postbox1 0x68E884 MI_POSTBOX1
  • Reposition object
bin1 0x68E880 MI_BIN
  • Reposition object
wastebin 0x68E87C MI_WASTEBIN
  • Reposition object
phonebooth1 0x68E878 MI_PHONEBOOTH1
parkingmeter 0x68E860 MI_PARKINGMETER
  • Trigger cash pickups after collision
  • Reposition object
parkingmeterg 0x68E864 MI_PARKINGMETER2
  • Trigger cash pickups after collision
  • Reposition object
mall_fans 0x68E868 MI_MALLFAN
  • Rotating fan object
htl_fan_rotate_nt 0x68E86C MI_HOTELFAN_NIGHT
  • Rotating fan object
htl_fan_rotate_dy 0x68E870 MI_HOTELFAN_DAY
  • Rotating fan object
hotroomfan 0x68E874 MI_HOTROOMFAN
  • Rotating fan object
trafficlight1 0x68E810 MI_TRAFFICLIGHTS
  • Traffic light behavior
  • Traffic light behavior
  • Shadow for pole
  • Traffic light behavior
  • Shadow for pole
  • Reposition object
  • Traffic light behavior
  • Shadow for pole
  • Reposition object
  • Shadow for pole
  • Reposition object
  • Shadow for pole
  • Reposition object
  • Shadow for pole
  • Reposition object
doublestreetlght1 0x68E82C MI_DOUBLESTREETLIGHTS
  • Shadow for pole
Streetlamp1 0x68E830 MI_STREETLAMP1
  • Reposition object
Streetlamp2 0x68E834 MI_STREETLAMP2
  • Reposition object
veg_tree3 0x68E838 MI_TREE2
  • Swaying vegetation
veg_treea1 0x68E83C MI_TREE3
  • Swaying vegetation
veg_treeb1 0x68E840 MI_TREE6
  • Swaying vegetation
veg_treea3 0x68E844 MI_TREE8
  • Swaying vegetation
doc_crane_cab0 0x68E848 MODELID_CRANE_1
doc_crane_cab01 0x68E84C MODELID_CRANE_2
doc_crane_cab02 0x68E850 MODELID_CRANE_3
doc_crane_cab03 0x68E854 MODELID_CRANE_4
boatcranelg0 0x68E858 MODELID_CRANE_5
LODnetopa0 0x68E85C MODELID_CRANE_6
package1 0x68E8A8 MI_COLLECTABLE1
Money 0x68E8AC MI_MONEY
  • Parking meter collision
  • Dead ped money drops
  • Money effects like corona and light glow
barrel1 0x68E8B0 MI_CARMINE
  • Mine effects like corona and light glow
dk_paynspraydoor 0x68E8B4 MI_GARAGEDOOR2
dk_waretankdoor1 0x68E8B8 MI_GARAGEDOOR3
hav_garagedoor1 0x68E8BC MI_GARAGEDOOR4
hav_garagedoor02 0x68E8C0 MI_GARAGEDOOR5
hav_garagedoor03 0x68E8C4 MI_GARAGEDOOR6
hav_garagedoor04 0x68E8C8 MI_GARAGEDOOR7
lh_showdoor03 0x68E8CC MI_GARAGEDOOR9
lh_showdoor1 0x68E8D0 MI_GARAGEDOOR10
lhtankdoor 0x68E8D4 MI_GARAGEDOOR11
nbtgardoor 0x68E8D8 MI_GARAGEDOOR12
dk_camjonesdoor 0x68E8DC MI_GARAGEDOOR13
nbtgardoor02 0x68E8E0 MI_GARAGEDOOR14
dt_savedra 0x68E8E4 MI_GARAGEDOOR15
dt_savedrb 0x68E8E8 MI_GARAGEDOOR16
dk_bombdoor 0x68E8EC MI_GARAGEDOOR18
haiwshpnsdoor 0x68E8F0 MI_GARAGEDOOR19
wshpnsdoor 0x68E8F4 MI_GARAGEDOOR20
nbecpnsdoor 0x68E8F8 MI_GARAGEDOOR21
nbtgardoor03 0x68E8FC MI_GARAGEDOOR22
dt_savedrc 0x68E900 MI_GARAGEDOOR23
dt_savedrd 0x68E904 MI_GARAGEDOOR24
man_frntstepGD 0x68E908 MI_GARAGEDOOR25
svegrgedoor 0x68E90C MI_GARAGEDOOR26
barrel2 0x68E910 MI_NAUTICALMINE
  • Mine effects like corona and light glow
briefcase 0x68E914 MI_BRIEFCASE
  • Briefcase effects (borrowed from mine effects) like corona and light glow
wglasssmash 0x68E918 MI_GLASS1
glassfx_composh 0x68E91C MI_GLASS8
  • Trigger explosion after bullet hit
  • Disappears when destroyed
adrenaline 0x68E924 MI_PICKUP_ADRENALINE
  • Pickup cost
  • Adrenaline effect and pickup sound
  • Pickup corona
bodyarmour 0x68E928 MI_PICKUP_BODYARMOUR
  • Pickup cost
  • Armor effect and pickup sound
  • Pickup corona
info 0x68E92C MI_PICKUP_INFO
  • Pickup corona
health 0x68E930 MI_PICKUP_HEALTH
  • Pickup cost
  • Health effect and pickup sound
  • Pickup corona
bonus 0x68E934 MI_PICKUP_BONUS
  • Pickup sound
  • Pickup corona
  • Floating text
bribe 0x68E938 MI_PICKUP_BRIBE
  • Bribe effect and pickup sound
  • Pickup corona
killfrenzy 0x68E93C MI_PICKUP_KILLFRENZY
  • Pickup sound
  • Pickup corona
camerapickup 0x68E940 MI_PICKUP_CAMERA
  • Pickup corona
  • Special pickup behavior
bigdollar 0x68E944 MI_PICKUP_REVENUE
  • Pickup corona
pickupsave 0x68E948 MI_PICKUP_SAVEGAME
  • Pickup corona
property_locked 0x68E94C MI_PICKUP_PROPERTY
property_fsale 0x68E950 MI_PICKUP_PROPERTY_FORSALE
clothesp 0x68E954 MI_PICKUP_CLOTHES
bollardlight 0x68E958 MI_BOLLARDLIGHT
  • Reposition object
bar_barrier10 0x68E95C MI_FENCE
bar_barrier12 0x68E960 MI_FENCE2
petrolpump 0x68E964 MI_PETROLPUMP
  • Trigger explosion after bullet hit
  • Disappears when destroyed
washgaspump 0x68E968 MI_PETROLPUMP2
  • Trigger explosion after bullet hit
  • Disappears when destroyed
bouy 0x68E96C MI_BUOY
parktable1 0x68E970 MI_PARKTABLE
  • Reposition object
lamppost1 0x68E974 MI_LAMPPOST1

duplicate entry

veg_palm04 0x68E978 MI_VEG_PALM01
  • Swaying vegetation
  • Additional sway
veg_palwee02 0x68E97C MI_VEG_PALM02
  • Swaying vegetation
  • Additional sway
veg_palmkbb11 0x68E980 MI_VEG_PALM03
  • Swaying vegetation
  • Additional sway
veg_palmkb4 0x68E984 MI_VEG_PALM04
  • Swaying vegetation
  • Additional sway
veg_palm02 0x68E988 MI_VEG_PALM05
  • Swaying vegetation
  • Additional sway
veg_palmkb3 0x68E98C MI_VEG_PALM06
  • Swaying vegetation
  • Additional sway
veg_palmbig14 0x68E990 MI_VEG_PALM07
  • Swaying vegetation
  • Additional sway
veg_palm01 0x68E994 MI_VEG_PALM08
  • Swaying vegetation
  • Additional sway
mlamppost 0x68E998 MI_MLAMPPOST
  • Reposition object
roadworkbarrier1 0x68E99C MI_BARRIER1

duplicate entry

littleha_police 0x68E9A0 MI_LITTLEHA_POLICE
telgrphpole02 0x68E9A4 MI_TELPOLE02
  • Reposition object
trafficlight1 0x68E9A8 MI_TRAFFICLIGHT01
  • Traffic lights
  • Shadow for pole
parkbench1 0x68E9AC MI_PARKBENCH
  • Reposition object
Money 0x68E8AC MI_MONEY

duplicate entry

plc_stinger 0x68E9B0 MI_PLC_STINGER
  • Police stinger deployment
od_lightbeam 0x68E9B4 MI_LIGHTBEAM
  • Rotating light beam object
ap_radar1_01 0x68E9B8 MI_AIRPORTRADAR
  • Rotating surveillance radar object
rcbomb 0x68E9BC MI_RCBOMB
  • RC bomb behavior (i.e. force is always applied downwards)
beachball 0x68E9C0 MI_BEACHBALL
  • Ground shadow
  • Beach ball behavior
  • Beach stuff[2]
sandcastle1 0x68E9C4 MI_SANDCASTLE1
sandcastle2 0x68E9C8 MI_SANDCASTLE2
jellyfish 0x68E9CC MI_JELLYFISH
  • Aquatic life
jellyfish01 0x68E9D0 MI_JELLYFISH01
  • Aquatic life
fish1single 0x68E9D4 MI_FISH1SINGLE
  • Aquatic life
fish1s 0x68E9D8 MI_FISH1S


fish2single 0x68E9DC MI_FISH2SINGLE
  • Aquatic life
fish2s 0x68E9E0 MI_FISH2S
  • Aquatic life
fish3single 0x68E9E4 MI_FISH3SINGLE
  • Aquatic life
fish3s 0x68E9E8 MI_FISH3S
  • Aquatic life
turtle 0x68E9EC MI_TURTLE
  • Aquatic life
dolphin 0x68E9F0 MI_DOLPHIN
  • Aquatic life
shark 0x68E9F4 MI_SHARK
  • Aquatic life
submarine 0x68E9F8 MI_SUBMARINE
  • Escalators
lounge_wood_up 0x68EA00 MI_LOUNGE_WOOD_UP
lounge_towel_up 0x68EA04 MI_LOUNGE_TOWEL_UP
lounge_wood_dn 0x68EA08 MI_LOUNGE_WOOD_DN
lotion 0x68EA0C MI_LOTION
  • Beach stuff
beachtowel01 0x68EA10 MI_BEACHTOWEL01
  • Beach stuff
beachtowel02 0x68EA14 MI_BEACHTOWEL02
  • Beach stuff
beachtowel03 0x68EA18 MI_BEACHTOWEL03
  • Beach stuff
beachtowel04 0x68EA1C MI_BEACHTOWEL04
  • Beach stuff
blimp_night 0x68EA20 MI_BLIMP_NIGHT
  • Rotating blimp object
blimp_day 0x68EA24 MI_BLIMP_DAY
  • Rotating blimp object
yt_main_body 0x68EA28 MI_YT_MAIN_BODY
  • Generate water particles
yt_main_body2 0x68EA2C MI_YT_MAIN_BODY2
  • Generate water particles

San Andreas

  • fire_hydrant
  • phonesign
  • noparkingsign1
  • bussign1
  • la_fuckcar1
  • la_fuckcar2
  • dump1
  • trafficcone
  • newsstand1
  • postbox1
  • bin1
  • wastebin
  • phonebooth1
  • parkingmeter
  • parkingmeterg
  • mall_fans
  • htl_fan_rotate_nt
  • htl_fan_rotate_dy
  • hotroomfan
  • trafficlight1
  • MTraffic4
  • MTraffic1
  • vgsstriptlights1
  • MTraffic2
  • lamppost1
  • lamppost2
  • lamppost3
  • doublestreetlght1
  • Streetlamp1
  • Streetlamp2
  • doc_crane_cab0
  • doc_crane_cab01
  • doc_crane_cab02
  • doc_crane_cab03
  • boatcranelg0
  • LODnetopa0
  • package1
  • Money
  • barrel1
  • barrel2
  • DYN_TV_2
  • briefcase
  • wglasssmash
  • glassfx_composh
  • adrenaline
  • bodyarmour
  • info
  • health
  • bonus
  • bribe
  • killfrenzy
  • camerapickup
  • gun_para
  • para_pack
  • bigdollar
  • pickupsave
  • property_locked
  • property_fsale
  • clothesp
  • killfrenzy2plyr
  • 2player
  • bollardlight
  • bar_barrier10
  • bar_barrier12
  • bouy
  • parktable1
  • cj_horse_Shoe
  • wheel_or1
  • nto_b_s
  • nto_b_l
  • nto_b_tw
  • lamppost1
  • mlamppost
  • roadworkbarrier1
  • littleha_police
  • telgrphpole02
  • trafficlight1
  • parkbench1
  • Money
  • od_lightbeam
  • ap_radar1_01
  • rcbomb
  • beachball
  • sandcastle1
  • sandcastle2
  • jellyfish
  • jellyfish01
  • fish1single
  • fish1s
  • fish2single
  • fish2s
  • fish3single
  • fish3s
  • turtle
  • dolphin
  • shark
  • submarine
  • Esc_step
  • Esc_step8
  • lounge_wood_up
  • lounge_towel_up
  • lounge_wood_dn
  • lotion
  • beachtowel01
  • beachtowel02
  • beachtowel03
  • beachtowel04
  • blimp_night
  • blimp_day
  • yt_main_body
  • yt_main_body2
  • mil_samsite
  • samsite_SFXRF
  • traincross2
  • traincross1
  • MagnoCrane_03
  • TwrCrane_M_02
  • quarry_cranearm
  • kmb_container_red
  • kmb_container_yel
  • kmb_container_blue
  • barrel4
  • kmb_container_open
  • blockpallet
  • magnocrane5_SFS
  • kmb_deadarm
  • kmb_deadleg
  • kmb_deadhead
  • kmb_deadtorso
  • grasshouse
  • grassplant
  • dyn_quarryrock01
  • dyn_quarryrock02
  • dyn_quarryrock03
  • KMB_ATM3
  • dead_tied_cop
  • bonyrd_windsock
  • bomb
  • mini_magnet
  • ab_carcass
  • wong_dish
  • imy_shash_wall
  • flare
  • hydralics
  • stereo
  • k_poolballcue
  • punchbagnu
  • imy_bbox


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