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02F0 pickup


Creates a mine pickup
02F0: create_explosive_barrel_at [flt1] [flt2] [flt3]
Z-coordinate (or ≤-100.0 for ground z + 0.5 units)

This opcode creates a type 8 mine pickup. It uses a model that matches the name barrel1, which produces a unique type 7 corona ring around the barrel. This opcode is almost equivalent to opcode 0213 but the model is preset and a pickup handle is not stored. The mine pickup type in general behaves as follows. The pickup cannot be interacted while on foot. If the pickup is created while the player character is on foot, it creates an inactive mine. Having vehicles drive over the inactive mine produces no effect. Once the player is in any vehicle, the mine arms itself and set to detonate in 10 seconds. Any vehicle driving over the armed mine also detonates the mine. The resulting explosion is a type 6 mine explosion. This opcode was never called in the original script of GTA III.

For Vice City

This opcode does not exist in Vice City but the pickup can be recreated using opcode 0213.

0213: [var] = create_pickup #BARREL1 type 9 at [flt1] [flt2] [flt3]

The main difference is [var] is a variable to store the handle of the pickup. The behavior of the barrel and pickup remains the same as GTA III.


drop, create, explosive, barrel, mine