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  32-bit int                   Main script size - 8
  32-bit int                   Largest mission script size
(02 00 06)h + 32-bit offset    GOTO next header chunk - 8
byte                           Target game ('l' - Liberty for LCS[1], 'm' - Miami for VCS, unused at runtime)
  (Global variable space)      Space for global variable storage[2] (first global index is 2)
(02 00 06)h + 32-bit offset    GOTO next header chunk - 8
byte                           Alignment (always 0, ignored)
  32-bit int                   Number of save variables
  (Saved variable indices)     2-byte variable index * number of save variables
  32-bit int                   Number of used objects (at least 1)
  (Used object array)          24-byte object name * number of used objects (first object name is empty and therefore unused)
(02 00 06)h + 32-bit offset    GOTO main script space - 8 (third header chunk is compiled only in script multifile)
byte                           Alignment (always 0, ignored)
  16-bit int                   Number of true globals
  16-bit int                   Most globals (higher number of global variables declared in a mission script)
  32-bit int                   Largest mission script size
  16-bit int                   Number of mission scripts
  16-bit int                   Number of exclusive mission scripts
  (Multi script array)         (32-bit offset - 8) * number of mission scripts
(Main script space)            Space of main script (equal to size defined earlier)
(Mission scripts space)        Space of mission scripts (each one is stored at file offsets defined earlier)

^ The script multifile of LCS v2 (PAL) on PSP platform is the only one which has been compiled in Liberty mode, the rest in Miami (likely a rough mistake);

^ The global variable space includes true and most globals in this order.

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