List of radio stations (VCS)

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This is a list of radio stations in Vice City Stories, including their file information. Radio stations are long stretches of audio that can be only heard while the player is in a vehicle. Some vehicles are restricted to only one station.

ID Name Filename Size (bytes) GXT entry Icon
0 Flash FM FLASH.VB 142,262,272 FEA_FM0 Flash FM
1 V Rock VROCK.VB 130,940,928 FEA_FM1 V Rock
2 Paradise PARADISE.VB 90,603,520 FEA_FM2 Paradise
3 VCPR VCPR.VB 142,606,336 FEA_FM3 VCPR
4 VCFL Radio VCFL.VB 85,377,024 FEA_FM4 VCFL Radio
5 The Wave 103 WAVE.VB 131,645,440 FEA_FM5 The Wave 103
6 Fresh 105 FM FRESH.VB 65,257,472 FEA_FM6 Fresh 105 FM
7 Espantoso ESPANT.VB 66,994,176 FEA_FM7 Espantoso
8 Emotion 98.3 EMOTION.VB 151,650,304 FEA_FM8 Emotion 98.3