List of radio stations (LCS)

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This is a list of radio stations in Liberty City Stories, including their file information. Radio stations are long stretches of audio that can be only heard while the player is in a vehicle. Some vehicles are restricted to only one station. In the PSP version, radio station audio are in AT3 format located in the ..\AUDIO\MUSIC folder. In the PS2 version, they are in VB format located in the same folder. Textures of radio icons as seen in the pause menu are located in the game.dtz file.

ID Name Filename Size (bytes) GXT entry Icon
0 Head Radio HEAD.VB 58,392,576 FEA_FM0 Head Radio
1 Double Clef FM DOUBLE.VB 58,245,120 FEA_FM1 Double Clef FM
2 K-Jah KJAH.VB 63,176,704 FEA_FM2 K-Jah
3 Rise FM RISE.VB 92,897,280 FEA_FM3 Rise FM
4 Lips 106 LIPS.VB 61,390,848 FEA_FM4 Lips 106
5 Radio Del Mundo MUNDO.VB 73,728,000 FEA_FM5 Radio Del Mundo
6 MSX 98 MSX.VB 85,147,648 FEA_FM6 MSX 98
7 Flashback FM FLASH.VB 63,537,152 FEA_FM7 Flashback FM
8 The Liberty Jam LCJ.VB 104,431,616 FEA_FM8 The Liberty Jam
9 LCFR LCFR.VB 110,247,936 FEA_FM9 LCFR