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GTA III Vice City San Andreas DRAW_CORONA


Draws a corona


024F: create_corona_with_radius [flt1] type [int1] lensflares [int2] with_color [int3] [int4] [int5] at [flt2] [flt3] [flt4]


Radius, slightly larger than the standard game units

Native analog


This opcode draws a corona at a point. It is nearly identical to opcode 04D5 and behaves like 2DFX type 0 lights: it is transparent, the corona texture will point towards the player, and "dark" colors means decreased light intensity of the corona. All the corona textures are from the particle.txd file. This opcode must be placed in a loop in order for the corona to appear. Once the corona is placed in a loop, it begins to appear by fading in. When not placed in a loop anymore, it fades out and disappears. Coronas are mainly used as checkpoints in races in the games.

Types of Coronas

Values not listed in the table will crash the game. The following images all have a size of 1.0 with the color white.

Type GTA III Vice City San Andreas Texture Description
0 Type 0 Type 0 coronastar Solid light
1 Type 1 Type 1 coronastar Slightly brighter solid light
2 Type 2 Type 2 coronamoon Moon
3 Type 3 Type 3 coronareflect Oval light used for "reflective" lights
4 Type 4 Type 4 coronaheadlightline Elongated light
5 Type 5 Type 5 coronahex Hexagonal light
6 Type 6 Type 6 coronacircle Circular light
7 Type 7 Type 7 coronaringa Ring light
8 Type 8 Type 8 streek Very thin and long light

Types of Lens Flare

Lens flare is the light scattering effect on the lens of a camera. The most noticeably obvious use of lens flare in the games is when the player looks toward the sun but not directly at the sun.

Lensflare Description
0 none
1 yellow
2 white


create, draw, corona, color, rgb