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A Pipeline Set is one of Rockstar's custom sections. It defines which Rockstar-made Rendering Pipeline to use for an Atomic.

The location in a SA dff section hierarchy is Clump > Atomic > Extension > Pipeline Set.

Binary Structure

The section only consists of an 4-byte integer, which can have one of three different values. This value will determine which rendering pipeline to use.

  • 0x53F20098 - Render pipeline used for Buildings with reflective materials
  • 0x53F2009A - Render pipeline used for Vehicles
  • 0x53F2009C - Render pipeline used for Night Vertex Colors

Examples and Notes

Example: If the data is 0x53F2009A, you can add specular data to a material on your non-vehicle object (used primarily for vehicle upgrade pieces and some cutscene objects).

Vehicles are hardcoded to use 0x53F2009A, and do not require the use of this extension in the Atomics.

Pedestrians and players do not have a custom render pipeline, nor does adding this data to their models do anything. You cannot add specular or reflection data to a player, ped or other 'skinned' model.

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