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Font's used in GTA V are stored in .gfx files. For most languages the main fonts will be stored in x64/data/cdimages/scaleform_platform_pc.rpf/font_lib_efigs_pc.gfx. Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts can be found in the same location in the files font_lib_chinese_pc.gfx, font_lib_japanese_pc.gfx and font_lib_korean_pc.gfx, respectively.

For fonts used for websites or other special scenarios, look in x64/data/cdimages/scaleform_generic.rpf/font_lib_heists.gfx, .../font_lib_slots.gfx, .../font_lib_taxi.gfx, .../font_lib_typewriter.gfx, .../font_lib_web.gfx, x64/data/cdimages/scaleform_frontend.rpf/font_lib_sc.gfx and common/data/scaleform/gfxfontlib.gfx.

Fonts are mapped in the file common/data/ui/fontmap.xml


Font Name Used for
Andy Std
[ Multiplayer names
Chalet London 1960 Main font
Courier Twelve MT Std In-game Website
GTA V Casino Dots Unused
GTA V Leaderboard Symbols for the leaderboard
Handstyle Heist Heist Planning Board
Helvetica Neue LT 47 LightCn Social Club
Helvetica Neue LT 65 Medium
Helvetica Neue LT 67 MdCn Social Club
Helvetica Neue LT W1G 55 Roman In-game Website
Pricedown Cover art, Wasted/Busted
Sign Painter House Script HUD: Vehicle/Streetname
Times New Roman CE In-game Website
Zeitgeist MT Std