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033F in action

GTA III Vice City San Andreas SET_TEXT_SCALE

Sets the scale of the text
033F: set_text_draw_letter_width_height [flt1] [flt2]
X-scale (default 0.48)
Y-scale (default 1.12)

This opcode sets the scale of the text. Negative values are permitted, allowing the text to mirror itself along the x and y axis. The lead image on this page shows text displayed in Vice City at the x position of 100.0 and y positions starting at 10.0 and separated by 50.0 each. This first line uses the default scaling, the second uses (0.48,2.0), the third uses (0.8,2.0), and the fourth uses (-0.48,-1.12). Note that the third text is wrapped due to the default wrap x of 182.0.


set, draw, intro, text, scale, letter, width, height