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0343 in action

GTA III Vice City San Andreas SET_TEXT_WRAPX

Sets the wrap x of the text
0343: set_text_linewidth [flt]
X-position from the left side of the screen (default 182.0)

This opcode sets the wrap x of the text, which has the value of 182.0 by default. Text that goes beyond the wrap x will be wrapped to the next line. The background of the text also relies on this property for its length. Centered text ignores this property. The lead image on this page shows text displayed in Vice City at the x position of 10.0 and y positions starting at 10.0 and separated by 50.0 each. The first line uses the default wrap x of 182.0, the second line uses 600.0, and the final line uses 50.0.


set, draw, intro, text, linewidth, wrapx, wrap