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GTA III Vice City San Andreas DO_FADE

Fades the screen
016A: fade [int1] [int2] ms
fade [int1] [int2]
Duration in milliseconds
Fade stage (see below)

This opcode allows the screen to fade in and fade back out. The color of the fade can be set through opcode 0169. The longer the time set to fade, the slower the screen will fade. As the screen fades in, game sounds will fade out, and vice versa. Use opcode 043C to prevent game sounds from being affected. The game is unable to be paused as the screen fades.

Fade stages

Stage Enum Notes
0 FADE_OUT Fade out of game into color
1 FADE_IN Fade out of color into game


do, fade

See also

  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 0169, sets the fading color
  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 016B, checks if the screen is fading