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Sets the fading color
0169: set_fade_color [int1] [int2] [int3]
Red, between 0 and 255
Green, between 0 and 255
Blue, between 0 and 255

This opcode sets the RGB color of a fade. When the game is fading either in or out using opcode 016A, the fade overlay screen will be set to the color. Colors can be actively set during fading. This color is reset during certain hardcoded fade events listed below that set their own fade color. Using the unique set of values "0 0 0" in GTA III or "2 2 2" in Vice City and San Andreas allows the game to fade into the last loaded splash screen, which is loaded through opcode 044D, instead of a color.

Hardcoded fade colors

This is a list of events in Vice City that are hardcoded to modify the fade color.

Color Event
0 0 0 Taxi shortcut
200 200 200 Wasted
0 0 0 Busted
0 0 0 Overridden restart
0 0 0 Game load
0 0 0 Exit out of remote mode
200 200 200 Dodo explosion


set, fade, fading, color, colour

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