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GTA III Vice City San Andreas WAIT

Stops the execution of a script
0001: wait [int] ms
wait [int]
Time to wait in milliseconds
Native analog

This opcode stops an execution of the script for specified amount of time in milliseconds. A value of 0 means that the script will regain focus as soon as possible, whereas values greater than 0 denote the minimum time span that has to go by before the script is revisited. A wait is required for any loops that do not terminate as soon as reasonably possible. Without a wait, the game locks itself into processing the script and cannot process the rest of the game. It is bad practice to use a very long wait in scripts that loop; for that, it is much better to use game timers like opcode 01BD or local variable timers.


The following example using Sanny Builder shows a simple loop with the required "wait" opcode.

while true
    wait 0 ms


wait, thread, script