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Uses the model name of the vehicle. Below is the modelsets used, and where they are. vehiclemodelsets are used in scenarios.meta.



Driving around Los Santos airport inner roads.

Airport Bus

Driving around the roads outside Los Santos airport.

Airport Planes

2 parking areas inside the Los Santos airport.

Planes that are landing/taking off from the large runway at Los Santos airport.

Airport Planes Small

Taxing around inside Los Santos airport.

Planes landing on the small runway at Los Santos airport.


Ambulance Heli


Parked and driving around inside Fort Zancudo.

Army Heli

Helicopter flying in to land in Fort Zancudo.

Beach Party Cars

Parked on the side of the roads/beaches near tents and peds. (Not used on PC)

Bicycle All

Bicycle Road

Riding westward on Route 68.

Bike Beach

Riding on Vespucci beach.

Biker Gang

Parked at the motel on Route 68.



Flying around Los Santos.


Boats Idle

Boats Luxury

Parked (or driving?) across from the Puerto del Sol Marina Slip.

Boats Sultan

Boat Trailer


Driving around in various places all over Los Santos.

Businessmen Cars

Parked at the Fort Zancudo parking lot.


Driving along Marina Drive. (unsure)

Golf Caddie

Parked inside Los Santos golf club. (unsure)


Car Boat Trailer

Cars Construction

Driving near the Hardwood & Lumber Supply in La Mesa.

Driving near the dam in La Mesa.

Driving around the Mile High Club construction site in Pillbox Hill.

Cars Gang

Cars Muscle

Cars Quarry

Driving around Davis Quarry.

Cars OJ Race Ridge

Cars OJ Race Eco

Cars Race

Cars Station Wagon

Exiting from Fleeca Bank parking lot.

Cars Tourist

Spawn at various scenic areas like the parking spots at Senora National Park and dirt turn-offs from Route 68.


Parked around the Rancho Projects.

City Bus

Cluckin Bell Trailer


Coastguard Boat

Delivery Van

Starts at the Humane Labs and Research, driving west.


Dirt Bike

Dock Vehicles

Various areas around Port of South Los Santos.

Dude Van

Dune Buggy

Driving northward on a dirt road between Redwood Lights Tracks and Boilingbroke Penitentiary, turning onto Route 68.

Driving westward on North Calafia Way.



Fisheries Trucks



Gentry Mannor


Hipster Cars

Parked at the construction site in Mirror Park.



Flying in formation northward above Tongva Hills. (unsure)


Driving around Fort Zancudo.

Large Boat

Large City


Parked at the lifeguard patrol house on Vespucci Beach.

Lifeguard Heli

Flying northward (southward too?) above the water along the Great Ocean Highway near Chumash.

Lifeguard Jetski

Ligeguard Quad

Parked next to a lifeguard outlook on Vespucci Beach.



Parked in the Car Scrapyard in El Burro Heights.

(Note: "LS Customs Modded SP" also spawns in this location)

Lowriders Modded

Parked outside Olson's Autos on El Rancho Blvd.

Parked at or exiting a house on Grove Street.

Lowriders Modded Ballas

Parked in cul-de-sac on Grove St.

Driving in traffic on Grove St.

Lowriders Modded Family

Driving in traffic on Forum Drive.

Parked on Forum Drive.

Exiting from driveway between Crystal Heights apartments on Forum Drive.

Lowriders Modded Vagos

Parked in parking lots for the Rancho Projects.

Mariachi Car


Mechanic Cars

Mechanic Cars Large

Broken down (smoking, unenterable) parked car at the mechanic shop/gas station right next to the Grand Senora airport.

Military Planes Big

Taking off/landing on the runway at Fort Zancudo.

Military Planes Small

Taxing then taking off on the runway at Fort Zancudo.

Mountain Bike

Motorbike Off Road

Motorbike Sport


Driving on the greens at Los Santos golf coarse at dusk.

No Smoking Vehicles


Plane Countryside

Flying around Grand Senora desert area. Landing at the Grand Senora runway.

Plane Crops

Flying over the vineyard on the Tongva Hills.


Police Bike

Parked on the side of the Senora Freeway.

Police Car

Police Car Country

Police Heli

Parked on the helipad on the roof of the Los Santos police building on Vespucci Blvd.

Police Ranger

Private Heli

Landing/taking off at the Vespucci Helipad.

Quad Bike

Parked at the shack in Lago Zancudo?


Parked at the Davis Quarry.

Rockford Cars

Parking areas at the Kortz Center parking lot. (Not used on PC)

Salton Cars

Driving around Sandy Shores.

Sandy Specific

Parked behind Beth's Dog Grooming.

In the empty lot next to 7953 Algonquin Blvd in Sandy Shores.

Parked in front of the trailer home at the intersection of Panorama Drive and Marina Drive.

Sandy Vehicles



Driving along Los Santos Freeway (Trevor's Scooter Brother switch scenario).

Security Car

Driving around Redwood Lights Track.

Security Van




Parked along West Eclipse Blvd.



Tractor Trailer

Trailers for Truck

Trailer Logs

Trucks Building Site

Trucks Delivery

Trucks Dock

Trucks Trailer

Construction Vans


Parked, or driving in the Kortz Center parking lot.

Parking areas at the vineyard in Tongva Hills.

Water Sports

Water Van

Dubsta2 Modded

Infernus Modded

Limo Modded Pink

Massacro DLC Modded

Parked in the driveway of 6085 Milton Rd.

Muscle Cars Modded

At the Xero gas station in Strawberry, between 12PM and 6PM.

Racing another modded muscle car in the Los Santos River.

Muscle Cars Modded 2

Racing another modded muscle car in the Los Santos River.

Parked in front of Mosley Auto Service on Carson Avenue in South LS.

Ratloader Modded

Sandking Modded

Parked at Larry's RV Sales off Route 68.

SuperD Modded

Parked at the golf club parking lot.

Surfer Modded

Parked at a gas station in Los Santos County.

Parked in the westernmost parking lot for Vespucci Beach.

Parked in the grass alongside Baytree Canyon Rd.

Vinewood Modded Sentinel

Vinewood Modded RapidGT

Parked in 24hr lot next to Last Train in Los Santos Diner on Vinewood Blvd and also driving along that road.

Pulling out of the Globe Oil on Clinton Ave.

Vinewood Hills Modded Comet2

Vinewood Hills Modded Surano

Beach Modded DLC 1

In a parking lot near Del Perro Beach.

In the Pacific Bluffs Country Club parking lot.

Driving south on the Great Ocean Highway.

Beach Modded DLC 2

Parked on the beach behind the northernmost house on Inseno Rd.

Parked in the small lot in between the beach houses at Vespucci Beach.

Business DLC Motorcycle Modded

Business DLC Saloon Modded 1

Driving along Milton Road and pulling out of 3543 Milton Rd.

Business DLC Saloon Modded 2

Business DLC Sports Modded 1

Business DLC Sports Modded 2

Driving out of the Arcadius Business Center parking lot.

Hipster DLC Modded 1

Parked next to tree and lake along Mirror Park Blvd.

Driving along Bridge St, toward the intersection with Nikola Ave.

Hipster DLC Modded 2

Exiting LTD gas station on Mirror Park Blvd and driving along Mirror Place.

Independence DLC Monster

Independence DLC Motorcycle

Pilotschool Modded DLC

Valentines Modded DLC

Parked in the Backlot City.

LS Customs Modded SP

Parked outside Los Santos Customs.

Parked in Galileo Observatory parking lot.

Parked along Bay City Incline and in lot off of Elgin Ave.

Pulling out of Up-n-Atom Burger on Vinewood Boulevard and driving along that road, as well.

Pulling onto Carson Ave from behind the Crystal Heights apartment next to Cart-L Farmacia.

Rockford Hills: Driving along Boulevard Del Perro, parked outside Wup Et Dux on Portola Drive and driving along Portola Drive.

Pulling out of The Viceroy Hotel and The Von Crastenburg Hotel on Palomino Ave in Little Seoul.

Parked outside the "Auto Repair" shop on Capital Blvd.

Driving along Great Ocean Highway near Pacific Bluffs.

Parked in the Car Scrapyard in El Burro Heights.

Driving along Baytree Canyon Rd.

Pulling out of Marlowe Vineyards' parking lot.

In traffic at the intersection of Innocence Blvd and Orchardville Ave.

LS Customs Modded MP

Besra DLC Plane

Parked at Fort Zancudo.

Vestra DLC Plane

Parked in the Pegasus hangar at LSIA.

Swift DLC Heli

Taking off from the NOOSE headquarters helipad.

At one of the LSIA helipads.

Epsilon Modded