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This page contains the most up-to-date VCSCM.INI file for Seemann's Sanny Builder program. Copy the content into \data\vc in the directory containing the Sanny Builder installation.

; d% = anything
; p% = label pointer
; o% = models all types
; m% = .ide models only
; g% = gxt reference

0001=1,wait %1d% ms
0002=1,jump %1p%
0003=1,shake_camera %1d%
0004=2,%1d% = %2d%  // $ = int
0005=2,%1d% = %2d%  // $ = float
0006=2,%1d% = %2d%  // @ = int
0007=2,%1d% = %2d%  // @ = float
0008=2,%1d% += %2d%  // $ += int
0009=2,%1d% += %2d%  // $ += float
000a=2,%1d% += %2h%  // @ += int
000b=2,%1d% += %2d%  // @ += float
000c=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // $ -= int
000d=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // $ -= float
000e=2,%1d% -= %2h%  // @ -= int
000f=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // @ -= float
0010=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // $ *= int
0011=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // $ *= float
0012=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // @ *= int
0013=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // @ *= float
0014=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // $ /= int
0015=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // $ /= float
0016=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // @ /= int
0017=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // @ /= float
0018=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // $ > int
0019=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // @ > int
001a=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // int > $
001b=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // int > @
001c=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // $ > $ int
001d=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // @ > @ int
001e=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // $ > @ int
001f=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // @ > $ int
0020=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // $ > float
0021=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // @ > float
0022=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // float > $
0023=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // float > @
0024=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // $ > $ float
0025=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // @ > @ float
0026=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // $ > @ float
0027=2,  %1d% > %2d%  // @ > $ float
0028=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // $ >= int
0029=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // @ >= int
002a=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // int >= $
002b=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // int >= @
002c=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // $ >= $ int
002d=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // @ >= @ int
002e=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // $ >= @ int
002f=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // @ >= $ int
0030=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // $ >= float
0031=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // @ >= float
0032=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // float >= $
0033=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // float >= @
0034=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // $ >= $ float
0035=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // @ >= @ float
0036=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // $ >= @ float
0037=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  // @ >= $ float
0038=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // $ == int
0039=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // @ == int
003a=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // $ == $ int
003b=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // @ == @ int
003c=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // $ == @ int
0042=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // $ == float
0043=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // @ == float
0044=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // $ == $ float
0045=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // @ == @ float
0046=2,  %1d% == %2d%  // $ == @ float
;004c=1,jump_if_true %1p%
004d=1,jump_if_false %1p%
004f=-1,create_thread %1p%
0050=1,gosub %1p%
0053=5,%5d% = create_player %1o% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
0054=4,store_player %1d% position_to %2d% %3d% %4d%
0055=4,put_player %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
0056=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
0057=8,  player %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%
0058=2,%1d% += %2d%  // $ += $ int
0059=2,%1d% += %2d%  // $ += $ float
005a=2,%1d% += %2d%  // @ += @ int
005b=2,%1d% += %2d%  // @ += @ float
005c=2,%1d% += %2d%  // @ += $ int
005d=2,%1d% += %2d%  // @ += $ float
005e=2,%1d% += %2d%  // $ += @ int
005f=2,%1d% += %2d%  // $ += @ float
0060=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // $ -= $ int
0061=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // $ -= $ float
0062=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // @ -= @ int
0063=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // @ -= @ float
0064=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // @ -= $ int
0065=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // @ -= $ float
0066=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // $ -= @ int
0067=2,%1d% -= %2d%  // $ -= @ float
0068=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // $ *= $ int
0069=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // $ *= $ float
006a=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // @ *= @ int
006b=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // @ *= @ float
006c=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // @ *= $ int
006d=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // @ *= $ float
006e=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // $ *= @ int
006f=2,%1d% *= %2d%  // $ *= @ float
0070=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // $ /= $ int
0071=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // $ /= $ float
0072=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // @ /= @ int
0073=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // @ /= @ float
0074=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // @ /= $ int
0075=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // @ /= $ float
0076=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // $ /= @ int
0077=2,%1d% /= %2d%  // $ /= @ float
0078=2,%1d% += frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
0079=2,%1d% += frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
007a=2,%1d% += frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
007b=2,%1d% = frame_delta_time %2d%  // float
007c=2,%1d% += frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
007d=2,%1d% += frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
007e=2,%1d% -= frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
007f=2,%1d% -= frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
0080=2,%1d% -=  frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
0081=2,%1d% -= frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
0082=2,%1d% -= frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
0083=2,%1d% -= frame_delta_time * %2d%  // float
0084=2,%1d% = %2d%  // $ = $ int
0085=2,%1d% = %2d%  // @ = @ int
0086=2,%1d% = %2d%  // $ = $ float
0087=2,%1d% = %2d%  // @ = @ float
0088=2,%1d% = %2d%  // $ = @ float
0089=2,%1d% = %2d%  // @ = $ float
008a=2,%1d% = %2d%  // $ = @ int
008b=2,%1d% = %2d%  // @ = $ int
008c=2,%1d% = float_to_integer %2d%
008d=2,%1d% = integer_to_float %2d%
008e=2,%1d% = float_to_integer %2d%
008f=2,%1d% = integer_to_float %2d%
0090=2,%1d% = float_to_integer %2d%
0091=2,%1d% = integer_to_float %2d%
0092=2,%1d% = float_to_integer %2d%
0093=2,%1d% = integer_to_float %2d%
0094=1,make %1d% absolute_integer
0095=1,make %1d% absolute_integer
0096=1,make %1d% absolute_float
0097=1,make %1d% absolute_float
0098=1,%1d% = random_float_in_ranges_0.0_to_1.0
0099=1,%1d% = random_int_in_ranges_0_to_32767
009a=6,%6d% = create_actor_pedtype %1d% model %2m% at %3d% %4d% %5d%
009b=1,destroy_actor_instantly %1d%
009c=2,set_actor %1d% wander_direction %2d%
009e=6,set_actor %1d% path %2d% %3d% %4d% unknown %5d% %6h%
009f=1,set_actor %1d% idle
00a0=4,store_actor %1d% position_to %2d% %3d% %4d%
00a1=4,put_actor %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
;00a2=1,  actor %1d% alive  // use opcode 8118
00a3=6,  actor %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
00a4=8,  actor %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%
00a5=5,%5d% = create_car %1m% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
00a6=1,destroy_car %1d%
00a7=4,car %1d% drive_to %2d% %3d% %4d%
00a8=1,set_car %1d% to_psycho_driver
00a9=1,set_car %1d% to_normal_driver
00aa=4,store_car %1d% position_to %2d% %3d% %4d%
00ab=4,put_car %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
;00ac=1,  car %1d% alive  // use opcode 8119
00ad=2,set_car %1d% max_speed_to %2d%
00ae=2,set_vehicle %1d% traffic_behavior_to %2d%
00af=2,set_car %1d% driver_behaviour_to %2d%
00b0=6,  car %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
00b1=8,  car %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%
00ba=3,text_styled %1g% %2d% ms %3d%
00bb=3,text_lowpriority %1g% time %2d% %3d%
00bc=3,text_highpriority %1g% time %2d% %3d%
;00bd=3,text_mediumpriority %1g% time %2d% %3d%
00bf=2,%1d% = current_time_hours, %2d% = current_time_minutes
00c0=2,set_current_time %1d% %2d%
00c1=3,%3d% = minutes_to_current_time %1d% %2d%
00c2=4,  sphere_onscreen %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
;00c5=0,  return_true
;00c6=0,  return_false
00d6=1,if %1d%
00d7=1,create_thread %1p% without_parameters
00d9=2,%2d% = actor %1d% car ; add to mission cleanup
00da=2,%2d% = player %1d% car
00db=2,  actor %1d% in_car %2d%
00dc=2,  player %1d% in_car %2d%
00dd=2,  actor %1d% driving_vehicle_type %2m%
00de=2,  player %1d% driving_vehicle_type %2m%
00df=1,  actor %1d% in_any_car
00e0=1,  player %1d% in_any_car
00e1=2,  player %1d% pressed_button %2d%
;00e2=3,get_player %1d% key %2d% state_to %3d%
00e3=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
00e4=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_point_on_foot %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
00e5=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_point_in_car %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
00e6=6,  player %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
00e7=6,  player %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%near_point_on_foot %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
00e8=6,  player %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%near_point_in_car %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
00e9=5,  player %1d% %5b:in-sphere/%near_actor %2d% radius %3d% %4d%
00ea=5,  player %1d% %5b:in-sphere/%near_actor_on_foot %2d% radius %3d% %4d%
00eb=5,  player %1d% %5b:in-sphere/%near_actor_in_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d%
00ec=6,  actor %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
00ed=6,  actor %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_point_on_foot %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
00ee=6,  actor %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_point_in_car %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
00ef=6,  actor %1d% sphere %6b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
00f0=6,  actor %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%near_point_on_foot %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
00f1=6,  actor %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%near_point_in_car %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
00f2=5,  actor %1d% near_actor %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5h%
00f3=5,  actor %1d% near_actor_on_foot %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5h%
00f4=5,  actor %1d% near_actor_in_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5h%  ;; never used in VC or GTA 3
00f5=8,  player %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
00f6=8,  player %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%near_point_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
00f7=8,  player %1d% sphere %8b% near_point_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
00f8=8,  player %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
00f9=8,  player %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%near_point_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
00fa=8,  player %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%near_point_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
00fb=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_actor %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d%
00fc=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_actor %2d% on_foot radius %3d% %4d% %5d%
00fd=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%near_actor %2d% in_car radius %3d% %4d% %5d%
00fe=8,  actor %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
00ff=8,  actor %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%near_point_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
0100=8,  actor %1d% near_point_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d% sphere %8h%
0101=8,  actor %1d% stopped_near_point %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d% sphere %8h%
0102=8,  actor %1d% stopped_near_point_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d% sphere %8h%
0103=8,  actor %1d% stopped_near_point_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d% sphere %8d%  ;; never used in VC
0104=6,  actor %1d% near_actor %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% sphere %6h%
0105=6,  actor %1d% near_actor_on_foot %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% sphere %6h%  ;; never used in VC or gta 3
0106=6,  actor %1d% near_actor_in_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% %6h%  ;; never used in VC or gta 3
0107=5,%5d% = create_object %1o% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
0108=1,destroy_object %1d%
0109=2,player %1d% money += %2d%
010a=2,  player %1d% money > %2d%
010b=2,%2d% = player %1d% money
010c=5,change_player_into_rc_buggy %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
010d=2,set_player %1d% wanted_level_to %2d%
010e=2,set_player %1d% minimum_wanted_level_to %2d%
010f=2,  player %1d% wanted_level > %2d%
0110=1,clear_player %1d% wanted_level
0111=1,set_wasted_busted_check_to %1b:enabled/disabled%
0112=0,  wasted_or_busted
;0113=3,add_ammo_to_player %1d% weapon %2h% ammo %3d%
0114=3,add_ammo_to_actor %1d% weapon %2h% ammo %3d%
0117=1,  player %1d% wasted
0118=1,  actor %1d% dead
0119=1,  car %1d% wrecked
011a=2,set_actor %1d% search_threat %2i%
011c=1,actor %1d% clear_objective
0121=2,  player %1d% in_zone %2z%
0122=1,  player %1d% pressing_horn
0123=2,  actor %1d% spotted_player %2d%
0126=1,  actor %1d% objective_passed
0129=4,%4d% = create_actor %2d% %3m% in_car %1d% driverseat
012a=4,put_player %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d% and_remove_from_car
;0130=1,  player %1d% busted
;0135=2,%2d% = car %1d% door_status  // use opcode 020A
;0136=4,shake_camera %1d% with_point %2d% %3d% %4d%
0137=2,  car %1d% model == %2m%
;013b=6,  car %1d% dead_in_rectangle %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
;013c=8,  car %1d% dead_in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% %8d%
;0149=1,  car %1d% crushed_by_car_crusher
014b=13,%13d% = init_car_generator %5m% %6d% %7d% force_spawn %8d% alarm %9d% door_lock %10d% min_delay %11d% max_delay %12d% at %1d% %2d% %3d% angle %4d%
014c=2,set_parked_car_generator %1d% cars_to_generate_to %2d%
;014d=4,text_pager %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d%
014e=2,start_timer_at %1d% count_in_direction %2h%
014f=1,stop_timer %1d%
0150=2,set_status_text %1d% type %2d%  ;; never used in VC or GTA 3
0151=1,remove_status_text %1d%
0152=13,set_zone_car_info %1s% %2b:day/night% %3h% %4h% %5h% %6h% %7h% %8h% %9h% %10h% %11h% %12h% %13h%
0154=2,  actor %1d% in_zone %2z%
;0155=3,set_zone_car_density %1z% %2b:day/night% %3d%
;0156=3,set_zone_ped_density %1z% %2b:day/night% %3d%
0157=3,camera_on_player %1d% mode %2d% switchstyle %3d%
0158=3,camera_on_vehicle %1d% mode %2d% switchstyle %3d%
0159=3,camera_on_ped %1d% mode %2d% switchstyle %3d%
;015b=3,shake_pad %1d% %2d% %3d%
015c=13,set_zone_gang_info %1s% %2b:day/night% %3h% %4h% %5h% %6h% %7h% %8h% %9h% %10h% %11h% %12h% %13d%
015d=1,set_gamespeed %1d%
;015e=1,  car %1d% in_air
015f=6,set_camera_position %1d% %2d% %3d% rotation %4d% %5d% %6d%
0160=4,point_camera %1d% %2d% %3d% switchstyle %4d%
0161=4,%4d% = create_marker_above_car %1d% color %2d% display %3d%
0162=4,%4d% = create_marker_above_actor %1d% color %2d% display %3d%
;0163=4,create_marker_above_object %1d% color %2d% display %3d% handle %4d%
0164=1,disable_marker %1d%
0165=2,set_marker %1d% color_to %2d%
0166=2,set_marker %1d% brightness_to %2d%
0167=6,%6d% = create_marker_at %1d% %2d% %3d% color %4d% display %5d%
0168=2,set_marker %1d% size %2d%
0169=3,set_fade_color %1d% %2d% %3d%
016a=2,fade %2b:back/% %1d% ms
016b=0,  fading
016c=4,restart_if_wasted_at %1d% %2d% %3d% angle %4d%
016d=4,restart_if_busted_at %1d% %2d% %3d% angle %4d%
016e=4,override_next_restart at %1d% %2d% %3d% angle %4d%
;016f=10,draw_shadow %1a% %5d% %6d% %7d% %8d% %9d% %10d% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
0170=2,%2d% = player %1d% z_angle
0171=2,set_player %1d% z_angle_to %2d%
0172=2,%2d% = actor %1d% z_angle
0173=2,set_actor %1d% z_angle_to %2d%
0174=2,%2d% = car %1d% z_angle
0175=2,set_car %1d% z_angle_to %2d%
0176=2,%2d% = object %1d% z_angle
0177=2,set_object %1d% z_angle_to %2d%
;0178=2,  player %1d% touching_object %2d%
;0179=2,  actor %1d% touching_object %2d%
017a=3,set_player %1d% weapon %2d% ammo_to %3d%
;017b=3,set_actor %1d% weapon %2d% ammo_to %3d%
0180=1,set_on_mission_flag_to %1d%
;0182=2,contact %1d% base_brief = %2d%
0183=2,  player %1d% health > %2h%
0184=2,  actor %1d% health >= %2d%
0185=2,  car %1d% health >= %2d%
0186=2,%2d% = create_marker_above_car %1d%
0187=2,%2d% = create_marker_above_actor %1d%
0188=2,%2d% = create_marker_above_object %1d%
0189=4,%4d% = create_checkpoint_and_sphere_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
018a=4,%4d% = create_checkpoint_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
018b=2,set_marker %1d% display %2d%
018c=4,play_sound %4d% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
018d=5,%5d% = create_sound %4d% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
018e=1,stop_sound %1d%
018f=1,  vehicle %1d% flipped
0190=1,add_vehicle %1d% to_flipped_check
0191=1,remove_vehicle %1d% from_flipped_check
0192=1,set_actor %1d% objective_to_stand_still
0193=1,set_actor %1d% objective_to_act_like_ped
0194=4,set_actor %1d% objective_to_guard_point %2d% %3d% %4d%
;0195=5,set_actor %1d% objective_to_guard_area %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
;0196=1,set_actor %1d% objective_to_wait_in_car
0197=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
0198=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
0199=6,  player %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
019a=6,  player %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
019b=6,  player %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
019c=8,  player %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
019d=8,  player %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
019e=8,  player %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
019f=8,  player %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
01a0=8,  player %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
01a1=6,  actor %1d% sphere %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
01a2=6,  actor %1d% %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
01a3=6,  actor %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
01a4=6,  actor %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ; never used in VC
01a5=6,  actor %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
01a6=8,  actor %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
01a7=8,  actor %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
01a8=8,  actor %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
01a9=8,  actor %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
01aa=8,  actor %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
01ab=6,  car %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%in_rectangle %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
01ac=8,  car %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%  ;; never used in VC
01ad=6,  car %1d% sphere %6b% near_point %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d%
01ae=6,  car %1d% stopped %6b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
01af=8,  car %1d% %8b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
01b0=8,  car %1d% stopped %8b:in-sphere/%near_point %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d%
01b1=3,give_player %1d% weapon %2c% ammo %3d%  ;; Load the weapon model before using this
01b2=3,give_actor %1d% weapon %2c% ammo %3d%  ;; Load the weapon model before using this
01b4=2,set_player %1d% can_move %2d%
01b5=1,force_weather %1d%
01b6=1,set_weather %1d%
01b8=2,set_player %1d% armed_weapon_to %2c%
01b9=2,set_actor %1d% armed_weapon_to %2c%
01bb=4,store_object %1d% position_to %2d% %3d% %4d%
01bc=4,put_object %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
01bd=1,%1d% = current_time_in_ms
01be=4,set_actor %1d% to_look_at_spot %2d% %3d% %4d%
;01bf=4,set_player %1d% to_look_at_spot %2d% %3d% %4d%
01c0=2,%2d% = player %1d% wanted_level
01c1=1,  car %1d% stopped
01c2=1,mark_actor_as_no_longer_needed %1d%
01c3=1,mark_car_as_no_longer_needed %1d%
01c4=1,mark_object_as_no_longer_needed %1d%
01c5=1,remove_actor_from_mission_cleanup_list %1d%
;01c6=1,remove_car_from_mission_cleanup_list %1d%
01c7=1,remove_object_from_mission_cleanup_list %1d%
01c8=5,%5d% = create_actor_pedtype %2d% model %3m% in_car %1d% passenger_seat %4d%
01c9=2,actor %1d% kill_actor %2d%
01ca=2,actor %1d% kill_player %2d%
01cb=2,actor %1d% kill_actor %2d%
01cc=2,actor %1d% kill_player %2d%
01ce=2,actor %1d% avoid_player %2d%
;01cd=2,actor %1d% avoid_actor %2d%
01cf=2,actor %1d% avoid_actor %2d%
01d0=2,actor %1d% avoid_player %2d%
01d1=2,actor %1d% follow_actor %2d%
01d2=2,actor %1d% follow_player %2d%
01d3=2,actor %1d% leave_car %2d%
01d4=2,actor %1d% go_to_car %2d% and_enter_it_as_a_passenger
01d5=2,actor %1d% go_to_and_drive_car %2d%
01d8=2,actor %1d% destroy_object %2d%
01d9=2,actor %1d% destroy_car %2d%
;01da=5,actor %1d% walk_to_area %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
01de=2,tie_actor %1d% to_actor %2d%
01df=2,tie_actor %1d% to_player %2d%
01e0=1,clear_leader %1d%
01e1=3,set_actor %1d% follow_route %2d% %3d%
01e2=4,add_route_point %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
01e3=4,text_1number_styled %1g% number %2d% time %3d% style %4d%
01e4=4,text_1number_lowpriority %1g% %2d% time %3d% %4d%
01e5=4,text_1number_highpriority %1g% %2d% time %3d% %4d%
01e7=6,remove_forbidden_for_cars_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
01e8=6,create_forbidden_for_cars_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
01e9=2,%2d% = car %1d% num_passengers
01ea=2,%2d% = car %1d% max_passengers
01eb=1,set_traffic_density_multiplier_to %1d%
01ec=2,make_car %1d% very_heavy %2h%
01ed=1,clear_actor %1d% threat_search
;01ee=10,activate_crane %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% %8d% %9d% %10d%
;01ef=2,deactivate_crane %1d% %2d%
01f0=1,set_max_wanted_level_to %1d%
01f3=1,  car %1d% airborne
01f4=1,  car %1d% flipped
01f5=2,%2d% = create_emulated_actor_from_player %1d%
01f7=2,set_player %1d% ignored_by_cops_state_to %2b:true/false%
;01f8=5,text_pager_with_number %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
01f9=9,init_rampage %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5m% %6m% %7m% %8m% %9d%
01fa=1,%1d% = rampage_status
01fb=2,%2d% = square_root %1d%
01fc=5,  player %1d% near_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d%
01fd=5,  player %1d% near_car_on_foot %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d%  ;; never used in VC
01fe=5,  player %1d% near_car_in_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d%
01ff=6,  player %1d% near_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% unknown %6h%
0200=6,  player %1d% near_car_on_foot %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% unknown %6h%  ;; never used in VC
0201=6,  player %1d% near_car_in_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% unknown %6h%  ;; never used in VC
0202=5,  actor %1d% near_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% sphere %5d%
0203=5,  actor %1d% near_car_on_foot %2d% radius %3d% %4d% unknown %5d%
0204=5,  actor %1d% near_car_in_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% unknown %5d%  ;; never used in VC
0205=6,  actor %1d% near_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% unknown %6h%
0206=6,  actor %1d% near_car_on_foot %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% unknown %6h%  ;; never used in VC
0207=6,  actor %1d% near_car_in_car %2d% radius %3d% %4d% %5d% unknown %6h%  ;; never used in VC
0208=3,%3d% = random_float %1d% %2d%
0209=3,%3d% = random_int_in_ranges %1d% %2d%
020a=2,set_car %1d% door_status_to %2d%
020b=1,explode_car %1d%
020c=4,create_explosion %4d% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
020d=1,  car %1d% flipped
020e=2,actor %1d% look_at_actor %2d%
020f=2,actor %1d% look_at_player %2d%
0210=2,player %1d% look_at_actor %2d%
0211=3,actor %1d% walk_to %2d% %3d%
0213=6,%6d% = create_pickup %1o% type %2d% at %3d% %4d% %5d%
0214=1,  pickup %1d% picked_up
0215=1,destroy_pickup %1d%
0216=2,set_car %1d% taxi_available_light_to %2b:on/off%
0217=3,text_styled %1g% time %2d% style %3d%
;0218=4,text_1number_styled %1g% %2d% %3d% ms %4d%
0219=10,%10d% = create_garage_type %9h% door %1d% %2d% %3d% to %6d% %7d% %8d% depth %4d% %5d%
;021a=9,create_garage %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% type %7d% with_car_model %8d% handle %9d%
021b=2,set_garage %1d% to_accept_car %2d%
021c=1,  car_inside_garage %1d%
;021d=1,set_free_bomb_shop_to %1b:true/false%
;021f=1,set_all_taxi_lights %1d%
;0220=1,  car %1d% has_car_bomb
0221=2,set_player %1d% apply_brakes_to_car %2d%
0222=2,set_player %1d% health_to %2d%
0223=2,set_actor %1d% health_to %2d%
0224=2,set_car %1d% health_to %2d%
0225=2,%2d% = player %1d% health
0226=2,%2d% = actor %1d% health
0227=2,%2d% = car %1d% health
;0228=2,  car %1d% bomb_status == %2d%
0229=3,set_car %1d% color_to %2d% %3d%
022a=6,remove_forbidden_for_peds_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
022b=6,create_forbidden_for_peds_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
022c=2,set_actor %1d% to_look_at_actor %2d%
022d=2,set_actor %1d% to_look_at_player %2d%
022e=2,set_player %1d% to_look_at_actor %2d%
022f=1,set_actor %1d% stop_looking
0230=1,set_player %1d% stop_looking
;0231=1,switch_helicopter %1b:on/off%
0235=3,set_gang %1h% models_to %2m% %3m%
0236=2,set_gang %1d% car_to %2m%
0237=3,set_gang %1d% primary_weapon_to %2c% secondary_weapon_to %3c%
;0238=5,actor %1d% run_to_area %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
0239=3,actor %1d% run_to %2d% %3d%
;023a=2,  player %1d% touching_object %2d% on_foot
;023b=2,  actor %1d% touching_object %2d% on_foot
023c=2,load_special_actor %1d% %2s%
023d=1,  special_actor %1d% loaded
;023e=2,flash_car %1d% %2d%
;023f=2,flash_actor %1d% %2d%
;0240=2,flash_object %1d% %2d%
0241=1,  player %1d% in_remote_mode
;0242=2,set_car %1d% bomb_status_to %2d%
0243=2,set_actor %1d% ped_stats_to %2d%
0244=3,set_cutscene_pos %1d% %2d% %3d%
0245=2,set_actor %1d% walk_style_to %2d%
;0246=2,set_player %1d% walk_style_to %2d%
0247=1,request_model %1o%
0248=1,  model %1o% available
0249=1,release_model %1o%
024a=3,%3d% = get_phone_at %1d% %2d%
;024b=2,set_phone %1d% message_repeated %2g%
;024c=2,set_phone %1d% message %2g%
;024d=1,  phone %1d% has_displayed_message
024e=1,disable_phone %1d%
024f=9,create_corona_with_radius %4d% type %5d% lensflares %6d% with_color %7d% %8d% %9d% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
;0250=6,create_light_at %1d% %2d% %3d% RGB_values %4d% %5d% %6d%
;0255=4,set_critical_mission_restart_at %1d% %2d% %3d% angle %4d%
0256=1,  player %1d% defined
0291=2,set_actor %1d% heed_threats %2d%
;0292=2,set_player %1d% heed_threats %2d%
0293=1,%1d% = get_controller_mode
0294=2,set_vehicle %1d% sprayable %2d%
;0295=1,  is %1d% taxi  // use opcode 0137
0296=1,unload_special_actor %1d%
0298=2,%2d% = rampage_kills %1m%
;0299=1,activate_garage %1d%
;029a=1,switch_taxi_timer %1d%
029b=5,%5d% = init_object %1o% at %2d% %3d% %4d%
;029c=1,  is %1d% boat
;029d=5,actor %1d% go_to_area %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% any_means
029f=1,  player %1d% stopped
;02a0=1,  actor %1d% stopped
;02a1=2,message_wait %1d% %2d%
;02a2=5,create_particle %1a% %5d% at %2d% %3d% %4d%  // use opcode 039D
02a3=1,enable_widescreen %1d%
;02a4=3,create_marker_above_car %1d% icon %2d% handle %3d%
;02a5=3,create_marker_above_actor %1d% icon %2d% handle %3d%
;02a6=3,create_marker_above_object %1d% icon %2d% handle %3d%
02a7=5,%5d% = create_icon_marker_and_sphere %4d% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
02a8=5,%5d% = create_marker %4d% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
02a9=2,set_actor %1d% immune_to_nonplayer %2d%
02aa=2,set_car %1d% immune_to_nonplayer %2d%
02ab=6,set_actor %1d% immunities BP %2d% FP %3d% EP %4d% CP %5d% MP %6d%
02ac=6,set_car %1d% immunities %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
02ad=7,  player %1d% in_area %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% radius %6d% sphere %7h%
02ae=7,  player %1d% in_area_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% radius %6d% sphere %7h%  ;; never used anywhere
02af=7,  player %1d% in_area_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% radius %6d% sphere %7h%  ;; never used anywhere
02b0=7,  player %1d% stopped_in_area %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% radius %6d% sphere %7h%  ;; never used anywhere
02b1=7,  player %1d% stopped_in_area_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% radius %6d% sphere %7h%  ;; never used anywhere
02b2=7,  player %1d% stopped_in_area_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% radius %6d% sphere %7h%  ;; never used anywhere
02b3=9,  player %1d% in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% radius %8d% sphere %9h%
02b4=9,  player %1d% in_cube_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% radius %8d% sphere %9h%
02b5=9,  player %1d% in_cube_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% radius %8d% sphere %9h%
02b6=9,  player %1d% stopped_in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% radius %8d% sphere %9h%  ;; never used anywhere
02b7=9,  player %1d% stopped_in_cube_on_foot %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% radius %8d% sphere %9h%  ;; never used anywhere
02b8=9,  player %1d% stopped_in_cube_in_car %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% radius %8d% sphere %9h%  ;; never used anywhere
;02b9=1,deactivate_garage %1d%
;02ba=2,get_number_of_cars_collected_by_garage %1d% store_to %2d%
;02bb=2,  has_been_taken_to_garage %1d% car %2d%
;02bc=1,set_swat_required %1d%
02bf=1,  car %1d% sunk
02c0=6,set %4d% %5d% %6d% to_ped_path_coords_closest_to %1d% %2d% %3d%
02c1=6,set %4d% %5d% %6d% to_car_path_coords_closest_to %1d% %2d% %3d%
02c2=4,car %1d% drive_to_point %2d% %3d% %4d%
;02c3=1,create_donkey_mags %1d%
;02c5=1,%1d% = donkey_mags_picked_up
;02c7=5,scatter_platinum %5d% at %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
;02c8=1,%1d% = platinum_pieces_in_car
02ca=1,  car %1d% bounding_sphere_visible
02cb=1,  actor %1d% bounding_sphere_visible
02cc=1,  object %1d% bounding_sphere_visible
;02cd=2,gosub_file %1p% %2p%
02ce=4,%4d% = ground_z %1d% %2d% %3d%
02cf=4,%4d% = create_fire_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
02d0=1,  fire %1d% extinguished
02d1=1,destroy_fire %1d%
;02d2=2,set_car %1d% comedy_controls %2d%
02d3=4,boat %1d% drive_to %2d% %3d% %4d%
02d4=1,car %1d% turn_off_engine
02d5=6,  player %1d% shooting_in_area %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
;02d6=6,  actor %1d% shooting_in_area %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
02d7=2,  player %1d% current_weapon == %2c%
02d8=2,  actor %1d% current_weapon == %2c%
;02d9=0,donkey_mags_picked_up = none
;02da=3,create_single_donkey_mag_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
02db=2,set_boat %1d% speed_to %2d%
;02dc=5,get_random_actor_in_area %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% store_to %5d%
02dd=5,get_random_actor %5d% in_zone %1s% %2h% %3h% %4h%
02de=1,  player %1d% in_taxi
02df=1,  player %1d% aggressive
02e0=1,  actor %1d% firing_weapon
02e1=5,%5d% = create_cash_pickup %4d% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
02e2=2,set_actor %1d% weapon_accuracy_to %2d%
02e3=2,%2d% = car %1d% speed
02e4=1,load_cutscene_data %1s%
02e5=2,%2d% = create_cutscene_object %1o%
02e6=2,set_cutscene_anim %1d% %2s%
02e8=1,%1d% = cutscenetime
02ec=3,put_hidden_package_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
02ed=1,set_total_hidden_packages_to %1d%
;02ee=6,  projectile_in_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
;02ef=6,destroy_projectile_in_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
;02f0=3,create_explosive_barrel_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
;02f1=3,create_explosive_barrel_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
02f2=2,  actor %1d% model == %2m%
02f3=2,load_object %1o% %2s%
;02f4=3,create_cutscene_actor %3d% from_head %2o% and_body %1d%
;02f5=2,set_head_anim %1d% %2s%
02f6=2,%2d% = sine %1d%  // float
02f7=2,%2d% = cosine %1d%  // float
02f8=2,get_vehicle %1d% Z_angle_sine_to %2d%
02f9=2,get_vehicle %1d% Z_angle_cosine_to %2d%
02fa=2,garage %1d% change_to_type %2d%
;02fb=10,create_crusher_crane %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% %8d% %9d% %10d%
;02fc=5,text_2numbers_lowpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% time %4d% %5d%
02fd=5,text_2numbers_highpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% time %4d% %5d%
;02fe=5,text_2numbers_mediumpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% time %4d% %5d%
02ff=6,text_3numbers_lowpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% time time %5d% %6h%
;0300=6,text_3numbers_highpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% time %5d% %6h%
;0301=6,text_3numbers_mediumpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% time %5d% %6h%
0302=7,text_4numbers_lowpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% time %6d% %7d%
;0303=7,text_4numbers_highpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% time %6d% %7d%
;0304=7,text_4numbers_mediumpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% time %6d% %7d%
;0305=8,text_5numbers_lowpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% time %7d% %8d%
;0306=8,text_5numbers_highpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% time %7d% %8d%
;0307=8,text_5numbers_mediumpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% time %7d% %8d%
0308=9,text_6numbers_lowpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% time %8d% %9d%
;0309=9,text_6numbers_highpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% time %8d% %9d%
;030a=9,text_6numbers_mediumpriority %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% time %8d% %9d%
;030b=3,set_formation %1d% %2d% %3d%
030c=1,progress_made += %1d%
030d=1,set_total_mission_points_to %1d%
030e=1,save_jump_distance %1d%
030f=1,save_jump_height %1d%
0310=1,save_jump_flips %1d%
0311=1,save_jump_rotation %1d%
0312=1,save_jump_type %1d%
0314=1,set_total_unique_jumps_to %1d%
0316=1,save_taxi_earnings_from %1d%
0318=1,set_latest_mission_passed %1g%
0319=2,set_actor %1d% running %2b:true/false
;031b=2,  car %1d% primary_color %2d%
;031c=2,  car %1d% secondary_color %2d%
031d=2,  actor %1d% hit_by_weapon %2d%
031e=2,  vehicle %1d% hit_by_weapon %2h%
031f=2,  actor %1d% in_range_of_actor %2d%
0320=2,  actor %1d% in_range_of_player %2d%
0321=1,kill_actor %1d%
0322=1,kill_player %1d%
0323=2,enable_boat %1d% anchor %2d%
0324=3,set_zone_pedgroup_info %1z% %2b:day/night% %3u%
0325=2,%2d% = create_car %1d% fire
0326=2,%2d% = create_actor %1d% fire
0327=6,%6d% = create_random_car_with_actors %5d% in_area %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
0329=1,  garage %1d% respray_done
032a=1,set_behind_camera_mode_to %1h%
032b=7,%7d% = create_weapon_pickup %1o% %2d% ammo %3d% at %4d% %5d% %6d%
032c=2,car %1d% ram %2d%
;032d=2,car %1d% block %2d%
0330=2,set_player %1d% infinite_run_to %2b:true/false%
0331=2,set_player %1d% fast_reload %2h%
0332=2,set_actor %1d% bleeding_to %2b:true/false%
0335=1,set_free_paynspray_to %1b:true/false%
0336=2,set_player %1d% visible %2d%
0337=2,set_actor %1d% visibility %2h%
0339=11,  anything_in_cube_cornerA %1d% %2d% %3d% cornerB %4d% %5d% %6d% solid %7d% car %8d% actor %9d% object %10d% particle %11d%
;033b=0,  incoming_cessna_landed
;033c=0,  incoming_cessna_destroyed
033e=3,text_draw %1d% %2d% %3g%
033f=2,set_text_draw_letter_width_height %1d% %2d%
0340=4,set_text_draw_color %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
0341=1,set_text_draw_align_justify %1d%
0342=1,set_text_draw_centered %1d%
0343=1,set_text_linewidth %1d%
;0344=1,set_text_draw_linewidth %1d% for_centered_text
0345=1,set_text_draw_in_box %1d%
;0346=4,set_text_draw_background_color %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
;0347=1,set_text_draw_background_only_text %1d%
0348=1,set_text_draw_proportional %1d%
;0349=1,set_text_draw_font %1d%
034d=4,rotate_object %1d% from_angle %2d% to_angle %3d% flag %4d%
034e=8,move_object %1d% to %2d% %3d% %4d% speed %5d% %6d% %7d% collision_check %8d%
034f=1,destroy_actor_with_fade %1d%  ;; The actor fades away like a ghost
0350=2,set_actor %1d% maintain_position_when_attacked %2d%
;0351=0,  gore_enabled
0352=2,set_actor %1d% skin_to %2s%
0353=1,refresh_actor %1d%
;0354=1,set_up_chase_scene %1d%
;0356=7,  explosion_type %1d% in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%
;0357=2,  explosion_type %1d% in_zone %2z%
;0359=0,  drop_off_cessna_shot_down
;035a=3,find_drop_off_plane_coords %1d% %2d% %3d%
;035b=4,%4d% = create_drop_off_package %1d% %2d% %3d%
035c=5,place_object %1d% relative_to_car %2d% offset %3d% %4d% %5d%
035d=1,make_object %1d% targetable
035e=2,set_player %1d% armour_to %2d%
035f=2,set_actor %1d% armour_to %2d%
0360=1,open_garage %1d%
0361=1,close_garage %1d%
0362=4,put_actor %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d% and_remove_from_car
0363=6,toggle_model_render_at %1d% %2d% %3d% radius %4d% object %5o% %6d%
0365=1,set_actor %1d% objective_hail_taxi
0366=1,  object %1d% damaged
;0367=9,init_headshot_rampage %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5m% %6m% %7m% %8m% %9d%
;0368=10,create_ev_crane %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% %8d% %9d% %10d%
0369=2,put_player %1d% in_car %2d%
036a=2,put_actor %1d% in_car %2d%
036d=5,text_2numbers_styled %1g% numbers %2d% %3d% time %4d% style %5d%
;036e=6,text_3numbers_styled %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% ms %6d%
;036f=7,text_4numbers_styled %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% ms %7d%
;0370=8,text_5numbers_styled %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% ms %8d%
;0371=9,text_6numbers_styled %1g% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% %8d% ms %9d%
0372=3,set_actor %1d% anim %2d% wait_state_time %3d% ms
;0374=1,set_motion_blur %1d%
;0375=4,text_1string_lowpriority %1g% %2g% time %3d% %4d%
0376=4,%4d% = create_random_actor %1d% %2d% %3d%
0377=1,set_actor %1d% steal_any_car
;0378=3,set_phone %1d% 2messages_repeated %2g% %3g%
;0379=3,set_phone %1d% 2messages %2g% %3g%
;037a=4,set_phone %1d% 3messages_repeated %2g% %3g% %4g%
;037b=4,set_phone %1d% 3messages %2g% %3g% %4g%
;037c=5,set_phone %1d% 4messages_repeated %2g% %3g% %4g% %5g%
;037d=5,set_phone %1d% 4messages %2g% %3g% %4g% %5g%
037e=6,  sniper_bullet_in_area %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
0381=4,throw_object %1d% distance %2d% %3d% %4d%
0382=2,set_object %1d% collision_detection %2d%
0383=1,  player %1d% car_horn_activated == true
0384=4,text_1string_highpriority %1g% %2g% time %3d% %4d%
;0386=6,set_phone %1d% 5messages_repeated %2g% %3g% %4g% %5g% %6g%
;0387=6,set_phone %1d% 5messages %2g% %3g% %4g% %5g% %6g%
;0388=7,set_phone %1d% 6messages_repeated %2g% %3g% %4g% %5g% %6g% %7g%
;0389=7,set_phone %1d% 6messages %2g% %3g% %4g% %5g% %6g% %7g%
038a=6,  car_in_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
038c=4,object %1d% scatter %2d% %3d% %4d%
038d=9,draw_texture %1h% position %2d% %3d% size %4d% %5d% RGBA %6d% %7d% %8d% %9d%  ;; never used in VC or GTA 3
038e=8,draw_box_position %1d% %2d% size %3d% %4d% RGBA %5h% %6h% %7h% %8d%  ;; never used in VC or GTA 3
038f=2,load_texture %2h% as %1d%  ; Load dictionary with 0390 first
0390=1,load_txd_dictionary %1h%  ;; never used in VC or GTA 3
0392=2,object %1d% toggle_in_moving_list %2d%
0394=1,play_music %1d%
0395=5,clear_area %5d% at %1d% %2d% %3d% range %4d%
0396=1,pause_timer %1d%
0397=2,car %1d% siren = %2b:on/off%  ;; never used in VC
;0398=7,remove_forbidden_for_peds_angled_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% angle %7d%
;0399=7,create_forbidden_for_peds_angled_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% angle %7d%
;039a=7,remove_forbidden_for_cars_angled_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% angle %7d%
;039b=7,create_forbidden_for_cars_angled_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% angle %7d%
039c=2,set_car %1d% watertight %2h%
039d=12,scatter_particles %1a% %8d% %9d% %10d% %11d% %12d% at %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%
039e=2,set_actor %1d% locked_while_in_vehicle %2d%
039f=3,car %1d% race_to %2d% %3d%
;03a0=3,  car %3d% picked_up_by_crane %1d% %2d%
03a1=4,draw_sphere %1d% %2d% %3d% radius %4d%
03a2=2,set_vehicle %1d% action %2h%
03a3=1,  actor %1d% male
03a4=1,name_thread %1s%
;03a5=3,set_garage %1d% type_to %2d% %3d%
;03a6=3,get_drug_plane_coords %1d% %2d% %3d%
03a7=1,save_int_to_debug_file %1d%
03a8=1,save_float_to_debug_file %1d%
03aa=3,play_suspect_last_seen_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
03ab=2,set_car %1d% strong %2d%
03ac=1,clear_route %1d%
03ad=1,set_rubbish %1b:visible/invisible%
03ae=6,remove_objects_from_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
03af=1,set_streaming %1b:enabled/disabled%
03b0=1,  garage %1d% door_open
03b1=1,  garage %1d% door_closed
;03b5=0,  catalina_shot_down
03b6=6,replace_model_at %1d% %2d% %3d% radius %4d% from %5o% to %6o%
03b7=1,process_cut_scene_only %1b:false/true%
03b8=1,clear_weapons_from_player %1d%
;03b9=1,create_catalinas_chopper %1d%
03ba=6,clear_cars_from_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
03bb=1,set_garage %1d% door_type_to_swing_open
03bc=5,%5d% = create_sphere %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
03bd=1,destroy_sphere %1d%
03bf=2,set_player %1d% ignored_by_everyone_to %2b:true/false%
03c0=2,%2d% = actor %1d% car_no_save
03c1=2,%2d% = player %1d% car_no_save
;03c2=1,  phone %1d% is_displaying_message
03c3=3,set_timer_with_text_to %1d% type %2h% text %3g%
03c4=3,set_status_text_to %1d% %2b:bar/number% %3g%
03c5=4,create_random_car_for_carpark %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
;03c6=1,  current_island == %1d%
03c7=1,set_sensitivity_to_crime_to %1d%
;03c9=1,  car %1d% visibly_damaged
03ca=1,  object %1d% exists
03cb=3,load_scene %1d% %2d% %3d%
03cc=3,add_stuck_car_check %1d% distance %2d% time %3d%
03cd=1,car %1d% remove_from_stuck_car_check
03ce=1,  car %1d% stuck
03cf=2,load_wav %2s% as %1d%
03d0=1,  wav %1d% loaded
03d1=1,play_wav %1d%
03d2=1,  wav %1d% ended
03d3=7,point %1d% %2d% %3d% get_nearby_vector %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%
03d4=2,  garage %1d% contains_neededcar %2d%
03d5=1,remove_text %1g%
03d6=1,remove_styled_text %1g%
03d7=4,set_wav %1h% location %2d% %3d% %4d%
03d9=0,  save_done
03da=1,set_garage %1d% camera_follows_player
;03db=4,create_marker_above_pickup %1d% %2d% %3d% handle %4d%
03dc=2,%2d% = create_marker_above_pickup %1d%
;03dd=3,pickup %1d% show_on_radar %2d% %3d%
03de=1,set_pedestrians_density_multiplier_to %1d%
03df=1,all_random_peds %1m%
;03e0=1,set_text_draw_before_fade %1d%
03e1=1,%1d% = packages_found
03e2=1,actor %1d% leave_any_car
03e3=1,set_sprites_draw_before_fade %1d%
03e4=1,set_text_draw_align_right %1h%
03e5=1,text_box %1g%
03e7=1,flash_hud %1d%
;03e9=1,  actor %1d% in_control
03ea=1,generate_cars_around_camera %1d%
;03ec=0,  ev_crane_collected_all_cars
03ed=2,set_car %1d% not_damaged_when_upside_down %2h%
03ee=1,  player %1d% controllable
03ef=1,player %1d% make_safe
03f0=1,enable_text_draw %1d%
03f1=2,pedtype %1e% add_threat %2e%
03f2=2,pedtype %1e% remove_threat %2e%
03f3=3,get_car %1d% color %2d% %3d%
03f4=1,set_all_vehicles_apply_damage_rules %1d%
03f5=2,set_vehicle %1d% apply_damage_rules %2h%
;03f7=1,load_island_data %1d%
;03f8=1,get_body_cast_health %1d%
03f9=3,make_actors %1d% %2d% converse_in %3d% ms
;03fb=2,car %1d% bind_to_current_island %2d%
;03fc=2,actor %1d% bind_to_current_island %2d%
03fd=2,set_player %1d% handling_responsiveness %2d%
03fe=2,set_actor %1d% money %2d%
;03ff=1,save_offroadIII_time %1d%
0400=7,create_coordinate %5d% %6d% %7d% from_object %1d% offset %2d% %3d% %4d%
0403=1,save_highest_ambulance_level %1d%
0405=1,enable_phone %1d%
;0406=1,save_dodo_flight_time %1d%
0407=7,create_coordinate %5d% %6d% %7d% from_car %1d% offset %2d% %3d% %4d%
0408=1,set_total_rampages_to %1d%
;040a=1,remove_car_from_chase %1d%
040b=0,  french_game
040c=0,  german_game
040d=1,unload_wav %1d%
;0410=2,override_gang_model %1d% %2d%  // use opcode 0235
0411=2,set_actor %1d% use_pednode_seek %2dtrue/false%
;0412=2,switch_vehicle %1d% weapons %2d%
;0413=2,set_player %1d% get_out_of_jail_free %2d%
0414=2,set_player %1d% single_free_treatment %2d%
;0415=2,  car %1d% door %2d% closed
0417=1,start_mission %1d%
0418=2,set_object %1d% draw_last %2h%
0419=3,%3d% = player %1d% weapon %2c% ammo
;041a=3,%3d% = actor %1d% weapon_ammo %2c%
;041c=2,make_actor %1d% say %2d%
041d=1,set_camera_near_clip %1d%
041e=2,set_radio_station %1d% %2d%
;041f=1,override_hospital %1d%
;0420=1,override_police_station %1d%
;0421=1,force_rain %1d%
;0422=2,  garage_contain_car %1d% %2d%
0423=2,car %1d% improve_handling %2d%
0424=0,  metric
0425=2,%2d% = meters %1d% to_feet  // float
;0426=6,create_save_cars_between_levels_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
;0427=6,create_save_peds_between_levels_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
0428=2,set_car %1d% avoid_level_transitions %2d%
;042a=2,  ped_threat_exists %1u% %2u%
042b=6,clear_peds_from_cube %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
042c=1,set_total_missions_to %1d%
042d=2,%2d% = meters %1d% to_feet  // int
042e=2,register_lowest_int_stat %1h% to %2d%
042f=2,register_highest_int_stat %1d% to %2d%
0431=2,  car %1d% car_passenger_seat_free %2d%
;0432=3,get_actor_in_car %1d% passenger_seat %2d% store_to %3d%
0433=2,set_actor %1d% is_criminal %2d%
0436=0,  reached_end_of_credits
0437=8,scatter_particle %1a% %8d% at %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d%
;0438=2,set_actor %1d% ignore_level_transitions %2d%
;0439=2,get_chase_car %1d% store_to %2d%
;043b=1,update_boat %1d% foam_animation
043c=1,set_game_sounds_disable_on_fade %1d%
;043d=1,set_intro_is_playing %1d%
0441=2,%2d% = car %1d% model
0442=2,  player %1d% sitting_in_car %2d%
0443=1,  player %1d% sitting_in_any_car
;0444=2,set_fire %1d% audio %2d%
0445=0,  are_car_cheats_used
0446=2,set_actor %1d% dismemberment_possible %2d%
;0447=1,  player %1d% lifting_a_phone
0448=2,  actor %1d% sitting_in_car %2d%
0449=1,  actor %1d% sitting_in_any_car
044a=1,  player %1d% on_foot
044b=1,  actor %1d% on_foot
;044c=1,change_to_island %1d%
044d=1,load_splash %1x%
;044e=2,car %1d% level %2b:set_from_position/clear%
;044f=2,make_car %1d% a_bit_stronger %2d%
0450=1,car %1d% warp_to_player
0453=4,object %1d% set_rotation %2d% %3d% %4d%
0457=2,  player %1d% aiming_at_actor %2d%
0459=1,end_thread_named %1s%
045a=4,text_draw_1number %1d% %2d% %3g% %4d%
045b=5,text_draw_2numbers %1d% %2d% %3g% %4d% %5d%
045f=1,set_car %1d% everyone_exit
0460=2,set_camera_pointing_time %1d% %2d%
0464=8,put_actor %1d% into_turret_on_car %2d% at_car_offset %3d% %4d% %5d% position %6h% angle %7d% with_weapon %8h%
0465=1,remove_actor %1d% from_turret_mode
0466=2,set_car %1d% stay_in_fast_lane %2h%
0467=1,set_actor %1d% clear_last_weapon_damage
0468=1,set_vehicle %1d% clear_last_weapon_damage
0469=10,create_actor %10d% in area %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% unknown %5h% %6h% %7h% %8h% %9h%
046b=2,actor %1d% leave_car %2d% and_flee
046c=2,%2d% = car %1d% driver
046d=2,%2d% = actor %1d% car_free_seats ; members_in_group
046e=6,put_player %1d% in_RC_mode_at %2d% %3d% %4d% angle %5d% RC_model %6m%
046f=2,store_player %1d% currently_armed_weapon_to %2d%
0470=2,%2d% = actor %1d% armed_weapon
0471=5,  actor %1d% within_object %2d% rectangle %3d% %4d% sphere %5h%
0472=5,  actor %1d% within_object_on_foot %2d% rectangle %3d% %4d% sphere %5h%
0477=3,set_car %1d% action %2h% time %3d%
047a=1,  actor %1d% on_any_bike
;047b=5,  sniper_bullet_at %1d% %2d% radius %3d% %4d% sphere %5d%
;047c=7,  sniper_bullet_at %1d% %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d% %6d% sphere %7d%
047e=1,  player %1d% on_any_bike
0480=2,  actor %1d% looking_at_death_of_actor_with_pedtype %2h%
0481=1,set_enter_car_range_multiplier %1d%
0482=1,set_threat_reaction_range_multiplier %1d%
0483=2,set_actor %1d% cease_attack_timer %2d%
0484=2,%2d% = player %1d% rc_car
0485=0,  pc_version  ;; never used in VC
0488=1,  model %1o% exists
0489=2,set_actor %1d% muted %2h%
048a=1,enable_rc_vehicle_detonation %1h%
048b=2,set_car %1d% route_seed %2d%
048c=3,  pickup_at %1d% %2d% %3d% available_or_will_respawn
048f=1,actor %1d% remove_weapons
0490=2,  player %1d% has_weapon %2h%
0493=2,set_tank %1d% contact_explosion %2h%
0494=5,get_joystick %1h% data_to %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d%
0495=1,  vehicle %1d% burning
0496=2,  vehicle %1d% tire %2h% deflated
049c=3,%3d% = scripted_path_file %1h% width %2d%
049d=2,attach_scripted_file %2d% with_object %1d%
049e=2,set_scripted_file %1d% speed_to %2d%
049f=2,set_scripted_file %1d% distance_along_path_to %2d%
04a1=1,release_scripted_file %1d%
04a2=5,heli %1d% fly_to %2d% %3d% %4d% speed %5h%
04a3=2,  %1d% == %2h%  ;;  == constant
04a4=2,  %1d% == %2h%  ;;  == constant
04a5=4,get_dead_actor_pickup_coords %1d% store_to %2d% %3d% %4d%
04a6=6,%6d% = create_asset_money_pickup_at %1d% %2d% %3d% money %4d% rate %5d%
04a8=1,  player %1d% in_any_boat
04aa=1,  player %1d% in_any_heli
04ac=1,  player %1d% in_any_plane
04ad=1,  actor %1d% in_water
04ae=2,%1d% = %2d%  ;;  = constant
04af=2,%1d% = %2d%  ;;  = constant
04b0=2,  %1d% > %2d%  ; $ > constant
04b1=2,  %1d% > %2d%  ;; @ > constant
04b2=2,  %1d% > %2d%  ; constant > $
04b3=2,  %1d% > %2d%  ; constant  > @
04b4=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  ; $ >= constant
04b5=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  ; @ >= constant
04b6=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  ; constant >= $
04b7=2,  %1d% >= %2d%  ;; constant >= @
04b8=5,get_weapon_data_from_actor %1d% slot %2h% weapon %3d% ammo %4d% model %5d%
04b9=12,get_closest_straight_road %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% %8d% %9d% %10d% %11d% %12d%
04ba=2,set_car %1d% speed_instantly %2d%
04bb=1,select_interiour %1h%  ;; select render area
04bc=1,set_cutscene_anim %1s% to_loop
04bd=2,set_car %1d% is_part_of_convoy %2h%
04be=1,reset_player %1d% chaos_level
04bf=2,%2d% = player %1d% chaos_level
04c0=6,create_police_roadblock_at %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d%
04c2=2,actor %1d% walk_to_actor %2d%
04c4=7,create_coordinate %5d% %6d% %7d% from_actor %1d% offset %2d% %3d% %4d%
04c5=1,  actor %1d% photographed
04c6=2,actor %1d% aim_gun_at_actor %2d%
04c7=1,toggle_camera_green_scanlines %1h%
04c9=1,  player %1d% in_flying_vehicle
04ce=5,%5d% = create_icon_marker_without_sphere %4d% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
04cf=1,add %1h% to_money_spent_on_fashion_stats
04d0=2,force_heli %1d% looking_angle_to %2d%
04d1=1,reset_heli %1d% looking_angle
04d2=5,set_plane %1d% fly_autopilot_around_point %2d% %3d% %4d% %5h%
04d3=7,get_nearest_car_path_coords_from %1d% %2d% %3d% type %4h% store_to %5d% %6d% %7d%
04d5=9,create_corona_at %1d% %2d% %3d% radius %4d% type %5h% flare %6h% RGB %7d% %8h% %9h%
04d6=1,enable_rc_car_detonation %1h%
04d7=2,lock_actor %1d% in_current_position %2h%
04d8=2,set_actor %1d% drown %2h%
04d9=2,object %1d% set_scripted_collision_check %2h%
04da=1,  has_object %1d% collided
04dd=2,%2d% = actor %1d% armour
04df=2,set_heli %1d% lean_and_thrust_limiter %2h%
04e0=2,car %1d% abandon_path_radius %2h%
04e1=1,open_trunk_of_car_fully %1d%
04e2=2,set_player %1d% suspend_heavy_police_reinforcements %2h%
04e3=3,set_player %1d% mood %2h% duration %3d%
04e4=2,request_collision_at %1d% %2d%
04e5=6,  object %1d% near_point %2d% %3d% radius %4d% %5d% sphere %6h%
04e6=8,  object %1d% near_point %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d% %6d% %7d% flag %8h%
04e7=1,  object %1d% in_water
04e9=6,  object %1d% in_rectangle_cornerA %2d% %3d% cornerB %4d% %5d% sphere 1
04ea=8,  object %1d% in_cube %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% flag %8h%
04eb=3,actor %1d% crouch %2h% %3d% ms
04ec=13,set_zone_car_class_info %1s% %2h% %3d% %4h% %5d% %6d% %7h% %8h% %9h% %10h% %11h% %12d% %13d%
04ed=1,load_animation %1s%
04ee=1,  animation %1s% loaded
04ef=1,release_animation %1s%
04f0=1,  is_actor_waiting_for_world_collision %1d%
04f1=1,  is_car_waiting_for_world_collision %1d%
04f3=1,move_actor %1d% from_car_passengerseat_to_driverseat
04f4=8,put_actor %1d% into_turret_on_object %2d% at_object_offset %3d% %4d% %5d% position %6h% shooting_angle %7d% with_weapon %8h%
04f5=3,set_actor %1d% as_player_friend %2d% flag %3h%
04f7=4,status_text %1d% %2h% line %3h% %4g%
04f8=13,define_police_trigger_type %1h% if_player_with_wanted_level_in_rectangle %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% spawn_policeA_at %6d% %7d% headed_towards %8d% %9d% spawn_policeB_at %10d% %11d% headed_towards %12d% %13d%
04f9=2,set_extra_colors %1h% fade %2h%
04fa=1,clear_extra_colors_with_fade %1h%
04fc=7,store_stunt_data %1d% two_wheels: %2d% %3d% wheelie: %4d% %5d% stoppie: %6d% %7d%
04fe=2,set_vehicle %1d% deflate_tire %2h%
04ff=1,  actor %1d% no_objective
0500=2,  player %1d% skin == %2s%
0501=2,set_player %1d% drive_by_mode_enabled %2d%
0502=3,set_actor %1d% sprint_to %2d% %3d%
0503=3,create_rappel_at %1d% %2d% %3d%
0506=3,vehicle_model %1m% set_next_variation %2h% %3h%
0507=1,set_camera_interference %1h%
0508=1,vehicle %1d% close_all_doors
0509=5,%5d% = distance_between_point %1d% %2d% and_point %3d% %4d%
050a=7,%7d% = distance_between_point %1d% %2d% %3d% and_point %4d% %5d% %6d% ;; never used in VC
050b=1,open_trunk_of_car %1d%
050d=1,  actor %1d% leaving_car_to_die
050e=2,sort_out_object %1d% collision_with_car %2d%
0510=5,  actor %1d% path_is_clear %2d% %3d% %4d% radius %5d%
0512=1,show_permanent_text_box %1s%
0514=3,set_actor %1d% can_be_damaged_by_members_of_gang %2h% %3h%
0517=5,%5d% = create_unavailable_asset_pickup %4g% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
0518=6,%6d% = create_available_asset_pickup %5g% at %1d% %2d% %3d% price %4d%
0519=2,lock_vehicle %1d% in_current_position %2d%
051a=2,  actor %1d% damaged_by_actor %2d%
0521=1,  actor %1d% drowning_in_water
0523=3,  glass_been_shattered_near %1d% %2d% %3d%
0524=3,attach_cutscene_object %1d% to_bone %2d% %3h%
0525=3,attach_cutscene_object %1d% to_component %2d% %3s%
0526=2,set_actor %1d% stay_in_car_when_jacked %2d%
0528=1,add %1h% to_money_spent_on_weapons_stats
0529=1,add %1d% to_money_spent_on_property_stats
052b=2,actor %1d% hold_cellphone %2h%
052c=2,set_player %1d% drunk_visuals %2d%
0531=1,increment_stores_knocked_off_by %1h%
0533=1,increment_assassination_contracts_by %1h%
0534=1,increment_pizzas_delivered_by %1d%
0536=1,increment_drug_deals_made_by %1d%
053c=2,set_actor %1d% in_players_group_can_fight %2h%
053d=1,clear_actor %1d% wait_state
053e=6,%6d% = get_random_car_with_actors %5d% in_area %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
053f=2,set_car %1d% tires_vulnerable %2h%
0540=2,set_player %1d% auto_aim %2h%
0541=1,fire_guns_on_vehicle %1d%
0542=1,add_property %1h% to_property_own_stats
0543=1,add_to_bloodring_kills_stat %1d%
0544=1,save_longest_time_in_bloodring %1d%
0546=2,  player %1d% touching_car %2d%
0548=6,  player %1d% check_for_ped_model %5m% %6m% radius %2d% %3d% %4d%
0549=1,clear_actor %1d% follow_path
054a=2,set_actor %1d% can_be_shot_in_a_car %2h%
054b=2,attach_cutscene_object_to_car %1d% %2d%
054c=1,use_GXT_table %1s%
054d=1,display_message_at_stadium %1h%
054e=1,clear_actor %1d% damage
0550=2,keep_object %1d% in_memory %2h%
0551=1,set_kaufman_radio %1h%
0552=1,set_riot_noise %1d%
0556=8,create_cab %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% %5d% %6d% %7d% %8d%
055a=1,set_secondary_rubbish %1h%
055b=5,%5d% = create_clothes_pickup %4h% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
055d=2,make_player %1d% fireproof %2h%
055e=2,set_player %1d% max_health += %2h%
055f=2,set_player %1d% max_armour += %2h%
0560=2,create_random_actor_in_vehicle %1d% in_driverseat_handle_as %2d%
0561=3,%3d% = create_random_ped_in_vehicle %1d% passengerseat %2h%
0562=2,set_actor %1d% ignore_threats_behind_objects %2h%
0563=2,give_player %1d% ammo %2d%
0564=1,set_vehicle %1d% helicopter_simulate_crash_landing
0565=4,create_temporary_explosion_fire %1d% %2d% %3d% type %4h%
0566=2,object %1d% set_interior %2h%
0568=2,set_actor %1d% untargetable %2h%
0569=1,load_uncompressed_animation %1s%
056a=0,  has_cutscene_been_interrupted
056b=2,set_actor %1d% crouch_when_threatened %2h%
056c=1,  actor %1d% in_any_police_vehicle
056d=1,  actor %1d% defined
0570=5,%5d% = create_asset_radar_marker_with_icon %4h% at %1d% %2d% %3d%
0571=1,  actor %1d% stuck
0572=1,set_taxi_boost_jump %1h%
0573=2,set_actor %1d% stop_shoot_dont_seek_entity %2h%
0574=2,freeze_car %1d% position_and_dont_load_collision %2h%
0578=1,save_highest_vigilante_level %1d%
0579=1,stop_actor %1d%
057a=2,set_garage %1d% max_cars_to %2h%
057b=0,  wanted_level_suspended
057c=1,set_allow_hurricanes %1h%
057d=1,play_bridge_status_mp3 %1h%
057e=1,make_radar_grey %1h%
057f=2,get_player %1d% store_coach_passengers_dropped_off_to %2d%
0580=3,%3d% = distribution_mission_status distribution_actor %1d% distribution_car %2d%
0581=1,enable_radar %1d%
0582=2,register_hotring_best_result %1h% %2d%
0583=2,  player %1d% in_zone %2s%
0585=0,  in_car_fire_button_pressed
0586=1,  actor %1d% has_attempted_attractor
0587=2,set_load_collision_for_car %1d% flag %2h%
0588=2,set_load_collision_for_actor %1d% flag %2h%
058a=6,create_gun_flash_from %1d% %2d% %3d% to %4d% %5d% %6d%
058b=1,  actor %1d% bought_ice_cream
058c=1,%1d% = percentage_completed
058d=4,set_restart_mission_taxi_start %1d% %2d% %3d% angle %4d%
058e=4,set_restart_mission_taxi_destination %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
058f=8,%8d% = random_ice_cream_customer_in_area %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d% flag %5h% %6h% %7h%
0591=4,unlock_all_car_doors_in_area %1d% %2d% %3d% %4d%
0592=2,set_gang %1h% attack_player_with_cops %2h%
0593=2,set_actor %1d% frightened_in_jacked_car %2h%
0594=2,set_car %1d% fade_in %2h%
0596=1,  player %1d% riding_mission_restart_taxi
0597=1,  actor %1d% ducking  ;; never used in VC
0598=3,stir_ground_around_object %1d% radius %2d% density %3h%
0599=1,set_highest_firefighter_mission_level %1d%
059a=0,  australian_game
059b=1,disarm_car_bomb %1d%
059c=0,  japanese_game
059d=1,shuffle_card_decks %1d%  ;; never used in VC
059e=1,get_card_to %1d%  ;; never used in VC
059f=4,get_object %1d% velocity %2d% %3d% %4d%  ;; never used in VC
05a1=4,set_object %1d% rotation_velocity_about_an_axis %2d% %3d% %4d%  ;; never used in VC
05a2=4,set_object %1d% rotation_velocity_about_an_axis %2d% %3d% %4d%  ;; never used in VC
05a3=1,  object %1d% stopped  ;; never used in VC
05a4=5,get_angle_between_vectors_origin_to %1d% %2d% and_origin_to %3d% %4d% store_to %5d%  ;; never used in VC
05a6=4,get_object %1d% rotation_velocity %2d% %3d% %4d%  ;; never used in VC
05a7=4,set_object %1d% velocity %2d% %3d% %4d%  ;; never used in VC
05a8=2,get_object %1d% speed_to %2d%  ;; never used in VC

; mobile opcodes
0454=3,useless_store_debug_camera_position_to %1d% %2d% %3d%
0463=3,useless_store_debug_camera_target_point_to %1d% %2d% %3d%
05a9=1,get_debug_state_to %1d%

; CLEO 1.1 opcodes
05dd=1,end_custom_thread_named %1s%
05de=-1,create_custom_thread %1s%
05df=4,write_memory %1d% size %2d% value %3d% virtual_protect %4d%
05e0=4,%4d% = read_memory %1d% size %2d% virtual_protect %3d%
05e1=-1,call %1d% num_params %2h% pop %3h%
05e2=-1,call_function %1d% num_params %2h% pop %3h%
05e3=-1,call_method %1d% struct %2d% num_params %3h% pop %4h%
05e4=-1,call_function_method %1d% struct %2d% num_params %3h% pop %4h%
05e5=1,%1d% = game_version
05e6=2,%2d% = actor %1h% struct
05e7=2,%2d% = car %1h% struct
05e8=2,%2d% = object %1h% struct
05e9=2,%2h% = ped_struct %1d% handle
05ea=2,%2h% = vehicle_struct %1d% handle
05eb=2,%2h% = object_struct %1d% handle
05ec=1,%1d% = current_thread_pointer
05ed=2,%2d% = thread %1s% pointer
05ee=1,  key_pressed %1d%  //VK_...
05ef=7,%7d% = random_actor_near_point %1d% %2d% %3d% in_radius %4d% find_next %5h% pass_deads %6h% //IF and SET
05f0=7,%7d% = random_vehicle_near_point %1d% %2d% %3d% in_radius %4d% find_next %5h% pass_wrecked %6h% //IF and SET
05f1=6,%6d% = random_object_near_point %1d% %2d% %3d% in_radius %4d% find_next %5h% //IF and SET
05f2=1,%1d% = pop_float
05f3=3,%3d% = %1d% exp %2d% //all floats
05f4=3,%3d% = log %1d% base %2d% //all floats
05f5=-1,call_scm_func %1p% params_count %2d%
05f6=-1,ret %1d%
05f7=2, %2d% = label %1p% offset
05f8=2, %2d% = var %1d% offset
05f9=3, %3d% = %1d% AND %2d%
05fa=3, %3d% = %1d% OR %2d%
05fb=3, %3d% = %1d% XOR %2d%
05fc=2, %2d% = NOT %1d%
05fd=3, %3d% = %1d% MOD %2d%
05fe=3, %3d% = %1d% SHR %2d%
05ff=3, %3d% = %1d% SHL %2d%

; CLEO 2.0 -
016F=10,draw_shadow %1d% at %2d% %3d% %4d% angle %5d% size %6d% intensity %7d% colour %8d% %9d% %10d%
0349=1,text_draw_style = %1d%
0601=2, is_button_pressed_on_pad %1d% with_sensitivity %2d%
0602=2, emulate_button_press_on_pad %1d% with_sensitivity %2d%
0603=0, is_camera_in_widescreen_mode
0604=2, %2d% = weapon %1d% model
0605=2, %2d% = model %1d% weapon id
0606=3, set_memory_offset memory_pointer %1d% memory_to_point %2d% virtual_protect %3d%
0607=1, %1d% = get_current_weather
0608=3, show_text_position %1d% %2d% text %3d%
0609=-1, show_formatted_text_position %1d% %2d% text %3d%
0673=4,play_animation on actor %1d% animgroup %2d% anim %3d% blendfactor %4f%
0A8C=4,write_memory %1d% size %2d% value %3d% virtual_protect %4d%
0A8D=4,%4d% = read_memory %1d% size %2d% virtual_protect %3d%
0A8E=3,%3d% = %1d% + %2d% ; int
0A8F=3,%3d% = %1d% - %2d% ; int
0A90=3,%3d% = %1d% * %2d% ; int
0A91=3,%3d% = %1d% / %2d% ; int
0A92=-1,create_custom_thread %1s%
0A96=2,%2d% = actor %1d% struct
0A97=2,%2d% = car %1d% struct
0A98=2,%2d% = object %1d% struct
0A99=1,chdir %1buserdir/rootdir%
0A9A=3,%3d% = openfile %1s% mode %2d% ; IF and SET
0A9B=1,closefile %1d%
0A9C=2,%2d% = file %1d% size
0A9D=3,readfile %1d% size %2d% to %3d%
0A9E=3,writefile %1d% size %2d% from %3d%
0A9F=1,%1d% = current_thread_pointer
0AA0=1,gosub_if_false %1p%
0AA2=2,%2h% = load_library %1s% ; IF and SET
0AA3=1,free_library %1h%
0AA4=3,%3d% = get_proc_address %1s% library %2d% ; IF and SET
0AA5=-1,call %1d% num_params %2h% pop %3h%
0AA6=-1,call_method %1d% struct %2d% num_params %3h% pop %4h%
0AA7=-1,call_function %1d% num_params %2h% pop %3h%
0AA8=-1,call_function_method %1d% struct %2d% num_params %3h% pop %4h%
0AA9=0,  is_game_version_original
0AAA=2,%2d% = thread %1s% pointer
0AAB=1,   file_exists %1s%
0AB0=1,  key_pressed %1d%
0AB1=-1,call_scm_func %1p%
0ABA=1,end_custom_thread_named %1s%
0AC6=2,%2d% = label %1p% offset
0AC7=2,%2d% = var %1d% offset
0AC8=2,%2d% = allocate_memory_size %1d%
0AC9=1,free_allocated_memory %1d%
0ACA=1,show_text_box %1s%
0ACB=3,show_styled_text %1s% time %2d% style %3d%
0ACC=2,show_text_lowpriority %1s% time %2d%
0ACD=2,show_text_highpriority %1s% time %2d%
0ACE=-1,show_formatted_text_box %1s%
0ACF=-1,show_formatted_styled_text %1s% time %2d% style %3d%
0AD0=-1,show_formatted_text_lowpriority %1s% time %2s%
0AD1=-1,show_formatted_text_highpriority %1s% time %2s%
0AD3=-1,%1d% = format %2s%
0AD4=-1,%3d% = scan_string %1d% format %2s%
0AD5=3,file %1d% seek %2d% from_origin %3d% //IF and SET
0AD6=1,  end_of_file %1d% reached
0AD7=3,read_string_from_file %1d% to %2d% size %3d% // IF and SET
0AD8=2,write_string_to_file %1d% from %2d% //IF and SET
0AD9=-1,write_formatted_text %2d% in_file %1d%
0ADA=-1,%3d% = scan_file %1d% format %2d% //IF and SET
0ADB=2,%2d% = car_model %1m% name
0ADC=1,   test_cheat %1d%
0ADD=1,spawn_car_with_model %1m% like_a_cheat
0ADE=2,%2d% = text_by_GXT_entry %1d%
0ADF=2,add_dynamic_GXT_entry %1d% text %2d%
0AE0=1,remove_dynamic_GXT_entry %1d%
0AE1=7,%7d% = random_actor_near_point %1d% %2d% %3d% in_radius %4d% find_next %5h% pass_deads %6h% //IF and SET
0AE2=7,%7d% = random_vehicle_near_point %1d% %2d% %3d% in_radius %4d% find_next %5h% pass_wrecked %6h% //IF and SET
0AE3=6,%6d% = random_object_near_point %1d% %2d% %3d% in_radius %4d% find_next %5h% //IF and SET
0AE9=1,pop_float %1d%
0AEA=2,%2d% = actor_struct %1d% handle
0AEB=2,%2d% = car_struct %1d% handle
0AEC=2,%2d% = object_struct %1d% handle
0AEE=3,%3d% = exp %1d% base %2d% //all floats
0AEF=3,%3d% = log %1d% base %2d% //all floats
0AF0=4,%4d% = get_int_from_ini_file %1s% section %2s% key %3s%
0AF1=4,write_int %1d% to_ini_file %2s% section %3s% key %4s%
0AF2=4,%4d% = get_float_from_ini_file %1s% section %2s% key %3s%
0AF3=4,write_float %1d% to_ini_file %2s% section %3s% key %4s%
0AF4=4,%4d% = read_string_from_ini_file %1s% section %2s% key %3s%
0AF5=4,write_string %1s% to_ini_file %2s% section %3s% key %4s%
0B00=1,delete_file %1d% ;; IF and SET
0B01=2,delete_directory %1d% with_all_files_and_subdirectories %2d% ;; IF and SET
0B02=2,move_file %1d% to %2d% ;; IF and SET
0B03=2,move_directory %1d% to %2d% ;; IF and SET
0B04=2,copy_file %1d% to %2d% ;; IF and SET
0B05=2,copy_directory %1d% to %2d% ;; IF and SET
0B10=3,%3d% = %1d% AND %2d%
0B11=3,%3d% = %1d% OR %2d%
0B12=3,%3d% = %1d% XOR %2d%
0B13=2,%2d% = NOT %1d%
0B14=3,%3d% = %1d% MOD %2d%
0B15=3,%3d% = %1d% SHR %2d%
0B16=3,%3d% = %1d% SHL %2d%
0B17=2,%1d% &= %2d%
0B18=2,%1d% |= %2d%
0B19=2,%1d% ^= %2d%
0B1B=2,%1d% %= %2d%
0B1C=2,%1d% >>= %2d%
0B1D=2,%1d% <<= %2d%
0B20=2,read_clipboard_data %1d% size %2d%
0B21=2,write_clipboard_data %1d% size %2d%
0BA2=2,%2h% = memory_load_library %1s%
0BA3=1,memory_free_library %1h%
0BA4=3,%3d% = memory_get_proc_address %1s% library %2d%