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The RwType is a single value (u16) data contained in the sectionType field of the RwHeader.

Default Renderware Sections

Enum name Value (dec) Value (hex) Associated section
rwDATA 1 0x0001 RwData
rwSTRING 2 0x0002 RwString
rwEXTENSION 3 0x0003 RwExtension
rwTEXTURE 6 0x0006 RwTexture
rwMATERIAL 7 0x0007 RwMaterial
rwMATERIALLIST 8 0x0008 RwMaterialList
rwFRAMELIST 14 0x000e RwFrameList
rwGEOMETRY 15 0x000f RwGeometry
rwCLUMP 16 0x0010 RwClump
rwLIGHT 18 0x0012 RwLight
rwATOMIC 20 0x0014 RwAtomic
rwTEXTURENATIVE 21 0x0015 RwTextureNative
rwTEXDICT 22 0x0016 RwTexdict
rwGEOMETRYLIST 26 0x001a RwGeometryList
rwMATERIALSPLIT 124 0x007c RwMaterialSplit
rwFRAME 39056126 RwFrame

Plugin Sections

Enum name Value (dec) Value (hex) Associated section
rwPLUGIN_PARTICLES 0x0118 RwPluginParticles
rwPLUGIN_MATERIALEFFECTS 0x0120 RwPluginMaterialEffects
rwPLUGIN_BINMESH 0x050e RwPluginBinMesh