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Possible Children

RwData (1st, gauranteed)

Data type Name Version number Condition Notes
u16 flags all
u8[2] unknown all
u32 triangleCount all
u32 vertexCount all
u32 morphTargetCount all
u32 ambientRgba 0, 2048, 3074
u32 diffuseRgba 0, 2048, 3074
u32 specularRgba 0, 2048, 3074
u32[vertexCount] vertexRgba all only if( flags & flags.COLOUR)
f32[vertexCount][2] uvs all only if( flags & flags.TEXTURE) For versions 0, 2048 and 3074 the u and v are swapped
u16[triangleCount][3] faces all For every face, read 4 u16s. and ignore the 3rd
vector3 boundingSpherePosition all
f32 boundingSphereRadius all
u8[8] unknown all
vector3[vertexCount] positions all
vector3[vertexCount] normals all only if( flags & flags.NORMALS)