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GTA4 for PC Memory Addresses


A list of Structures that occur in GTA IV's memory.


struct VECTOR
	float	x;	// 0x0 | 0
	float	y;	// 0x4 | 4
	float	z;	// 0x8 | 8
	float	unk;


struct CVector
	VECTOR	bodyHeading;		// 0x0 | 0
	VECTOR	visionHeading;		// 0x10 | 16
	VECTOR	unkVector;			// 0x20 | 32
	VECTOR	position;			// 0x30 | 48


CVehicle Globals
ms_pPool [DWORD] Address Notes
IV 0x01252CD0
IV 0x01619240
EFLC 0x015C17B0


The CVehicleInfo class holds all relevant vehicle parameters, as listed in the Handling.dat file. In essence the CVehicleInfo class is a representation of the data in the Handling.dat file.

The array of CVehicleInfo's is located at GTAIV.exe+11E3BF0 ( (Note: unverified. The location might change between start-ups.). The order of elements in the array is exactly the same as in the Handling.dat file.

Note: not all parameters have been reversed!

class CVehicleInfo //Size=0x0110(272)
	char sIdentifier[16]; //0x0000  
	float fMass; //0x0010  
	float centreOfMassX; //0x0020  
	float centreOfMassY; //0x0024  
	float centreOfMassZ; //0x0028  
	__int32 nPercentSubmerged; //0x0030  
	float m_fDriveInertia; //0x003C  
	__int16 m_nDriveGears; //0x0040  
	float m_fDriveForce; //0x0044   
	float m_fBrakeForce; //0x0074   
	float m_fTractionCurveMax; //0x008C   
	float m_fTractionCurveMin; //0x0094   
	float m_fSuspensionForce; //0x00B4  
	float m_fSuspensionCompDamp; //0x00B8  
	float m_fSuspensionReboundDamp; //0x00BC  
	float m_fSuspensionUpperLimit; //0x00C0  
	float m_fSuspensionLowerLimit; //0x00C4  
	float m_fSuspensionRaise; //0x00C8  
	float m_fCollisionDamageMult; //0x00D4  
	float m_fWeaponDamageMult; //0x00D8  
	float m_fDeformationDamageMult; //0x00DC  
	float m_fEngineDamageMult; //0x00E0  
	float m_fSeatOffsetDist; //0x00E4  
	__int32 m_nMonetaryValue; //0x00E8  
	DWORD mFlags; //0x00EC  


class CPed //Size = 0xE6C(3692) WIP
	CPhysical _CPhysicalParent //0x0 528 Bytes
	bool      m_bDead          //0x210
	bool      m_bInjured       //0x211
	bool      m_bFatallyInjured//0x212
	bool      m_bIsDrunk       //0x780


See List_of_Weapons_(GTA4) for the arrays referred to in the struct.

Array of CWeaponInfo's can be found at GTAIV.exe+0x1540A20 ( and GTAIV.exe+0x124A600 (

CWeaponInfo g_weaponInfos[60];

NOTE: work in progress

class CWeaponInfo // size: 0x110 (
	int weapontype;

	int slot;

	int firetype;

	int damagetype;

	int group;

	float targetrange;

	float weaponrange;

	int stattype;

	struct {
		unsigned int bCanaim : 1;
		unsigned int bCanaimwitharm : 1;
		unsigned int bCanfreeaim : 1;
		unsigned int bFirstperson : 1;
		unsigned int bKeepcamerabehind : 1;
		unsigned int bGun : 1;
		unsigned int bThrown : 1;
		unsigned int bHeavy : 1;
		unsigned int bSilenced : 1;
		unsigned int bMeleeclub : 1;
		unsigned int bMeleeblade : 1;
		unsigned int bArmourpenetrating : 1;
		unsigned int b2handed : 1;
		unsigned int bTreatas2handedincover : 1;
		unsigned int bAnimreload : 1;
		unsigned int bAnimcrouchfire : 1;
		unsigned int bCreatevisibleordnance : 1;
		unsigned int bExplosionbasedonimpact : 1;
		unsigned int bAddsmokeonexplosion : 1;
		unsigned int bInstantkillinmp : 1;
		unsigned int bHigherbreakforce : 1;
		unsigned int bCanbeusedasdriveby : 1;
		unsigned int bHeavyweaponusesrifleanims : 1;
		unsigned int bMissioncanforcedrivebyuse : 1;
		unsigned int bDontrumblewhendoingdriveby : 1;
	}              weaponflags;

	int modelhash; // 0x24

	int animation; // 0x28
	float firerate; // 0x2C
	float blindfirerate; // 0x30
	float accuracy; // 0x34
	float accuracyfps; // 0x38
	int unk2_0; // 0x3C
	float offset_x; // 0x40
	float offset_y; // 0x44
	float offset_z; // 0x48
	int unk3_0; // 0x4C
	float crouchoffset_x; // 0x50
	float crouchoffset_y; // 0x54
	float crouchoffset_z; // 0x58
	int unk4_0; // 0x5C
	int unk5_0; // 0x60
	float reticule_standing; // 0x64
	float reticule_ducked; // 0x68
	float reticule_scale; // 0x6C
	int rumble_duration; // 0x70
	float rumble_intensity; // 0x74
	int pickupregentime; // 0x78
	int unk7_FFFFFFFF; // 0x7C
	short pickupammoonstreet; // 0x80
	short damage; // 0x82
	short damagefps; // 0x84
	short clipsize; // 0x86
	int maxammo; // 0x88
	int timebetweenshots; // 0x8C
	float physicsforce; // 0x90
	int reloadtime_normal; // 0x94
	int reloadtime_fast; // 0x98
	int reloadtime_crouch; // 0x9C
	int projectiletype; // 0xA0
	int projectilefusetime; // 0xA4
	int projectiletocreate; // 0xA8
	int projectilexplosiontype; // 0xAC
	float projectileoffsetx; // 0xB0
	float projectileoffsety; // 0xB4
	float projectileoffsetz; // 0xB8
	int unk13_0; // 0xBC
	float projectilerotoffsetx; // 0xC0
	float projectilerotoffsety; // 0xC4
	float projectilerotoffsetz; // 0xC8
	int unk17_0; // 0xCC
	float projectilephysicsexplodeimpactthreshold; // 0xD0
	float projectilephysicsexplodeimpactwithvehiclethreshold; // 0xD4
	float projectilephysicsvehiclevelocity; // 0xD8
	int meleeanim; // 0xDC
	int unk19_FFFFFFFF; // 0xE0
	int muzzlefx; // 0xE4
	int shellfx; // 0xE8
	int projectiletrailfx; // 0xEC
	float networkplayermod; // 0xF0
	float networkpedmod; // 0xF4
	float aimingaccuracytime; // 0xF8
	int aimingpellets; // 0xFC
	int shotsfired; // 0x100
	int unk21_0; // 0x104
	int unk22_0; // 0x108
	int unk23_0; // 0x10C


A list of Classes that occur in GTA IV's memory.


class scrThread
	virtual ~scrThread();
	virtual int reset(int i1,int i2,int i3);
	virtual int run(int i1);
	virtual int loop(int i1);
	virtual int closeDown();

	DWORD	threadId;
	DWORD	scriptHash;
	DWORD	state;
	DWORD	currentFrame;
	DWORD	timerA;
	DWORD	timerB;
	DWORD	timerC;
	float	waitTime;
	BYTE	zPadding1[28];
	DWORD	exFrameSP;
	BYTE	zPadding2[4];
	void*	stack;
	BYTE	zPadding3[4];
	void*	XLiveBuffer;
	BYTE	zPadding4[8];
	char*	exitMessage;
	char	programName[54];
	BYTE	zPadding5[14];
	bool	saveScript;
	bool	playerControlOnInMissionCleanup;
	bool	clearHelpInMissionCleanup;
	BYTE	zPadding6[1];
	bool	allowNonMinigameTextMessages;
	BYTE	zPadding7[1];
	bool	errorInScript;
	bool	canBePaused;
	BYTE	zPadding8[3];
	bool	canRemoveBlipsCreatedByAnyScript;
	BYTE	zPadding9[7];
	DWORD	flags;


A list of Functions that occur in GTA IV's memory.

/* 0x4581C0 */ unsigned int __cdecl CRC32(char* text,unsigned int mask); //

Virtual Tables

  • 0x00D69844 CPed VTable


A list of Variables that occur in GTA IV's memory.

/* 0xF56BC4 */ BYTE AESEncryptionKey[32]; //
/* 0x15AD8B4 */ DWORD* globalVariablesPool; //

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