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Launches a mission
0417: start_mission [int]
start_mission [int]
start_mission [string]
Mission index
Script label name without any prefix, Sanny Builder feature

This opcode loads a script and launches it as a mission as defined in the beginning of the main script file. If you launch a non-existent mission, the entire script would restart itself during gameplay and could crash the game. The total number of the missions is limited for each game as the following: 120 missions in total in GTA III and Vice City, and 200 ones in SA. These scripts are normally structured as missions but it is not required and can be treated as non-mission scripts, though they still need to be defined as a mission. Changes made within these scripts do not require starting a new game. Opcode 00D7 for GTA III and Vice City behaves similarly to this opcode except scripts are not defined as a mission.

Sanny Builder features the ability to use script labels instead of mission indices. In the Options menu, the option "Replace mission numbers" can be checked so that the next time a script is decompiled, the script labels would be displayed instead of the mission indices. Sanny Builder also features the command start_mission, which is equivalent to this opcode.

Mission indices

The following lists all mission indices as defined in the original script.


Id Script name Mission name
0 INTRO Intro Movie
1 HEALTH Hospital Info Scene
2 WANTED Police Station Info Scene
3 RC1 RC Diablo Destruction
4 RC2 RC Mafia Massacre
5 RC3 RC Rumpo Rampage
6 RC4 RC Casino Calamity
7 T4X4_1 Patriot Playground
8 T4X4_2 A Ride In The Park
9 T4X4_3 Gripped!
10 MAYHEM Multistorey Mayhem
11 AMBULAN Paramedic
12 FIRETRU Firefighter
13 COPCAR Vigilante
14 TAXI Taxi Driver
15 MEAT1 The Crook
16 MEAT2 The Thieves
17 MEAT3 The Wife
18 MEAT4 Her Lover
19 EIGHT Give Me Liberty and Luigi's Girls
20 LUIGI2 Don't Spank My Bitch Up
21 LUIGI3 Drive Misty For Me
22 LUIGI4 Pump-Action Pimp
23 LUIGI5 The Fuzz Ball
24 JOEY1 Mike Lips Last Lunch
25 JOEY2 Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong
26 JOEY3 Van Heist
27 JOEY4 Cipriani's Chauffeur
28 JOEY5 Dead Skunk In The Trunk
29 JOEY6 The Getaway
30 TONI1 Taking Out The Laundry
31 TONI2 The Pick-Up
32 TONI3 Salvatore's Called A Meeting
33 TONI4 Triads And Tribulations
34 TONI5 Blow Fish
35 FRANK1 Chaperone
36 FRANK2 Cutting The Grass
37 FRANK21 Bomb Da Base: Act I
38 FRANK3 Bomb Da Base: Act II
39 FRANK4 Last Requests
40 DIABLO1 Turismo
41 DIABLO2 I Scream, You Scream
42 DIABLO3 Trial By Fire
43 DIABLO4 Big'N'Veiny
44 ASUKA1 Sayonara Salvatore
45 ASUKA2 Under Surveillance
46 ASUKA3 Paparazzi Purge
47 ASUKA4 Payday For Ray
48 ASUKA5 Two-Faced Tanner
49 KENJI1 Kanbu Bust-Out
50 KENJI2 Grand Theft Auto
51 KENJI3 Deal Steal
52 KENJI4 Shima
53 KENJI5 Smack Down
54 RAY1 Silence The Sneak
55 RAY2 Arms Shortage
56 RAY3 Evidence Dash
57 RAY4 Gone Fishing
58 RAY5 Plaster Blaster
59 RAY6 Marked Man
60 LOVE1 Liberator
61 LOVE2 Waka-Gashira Wipeout!
62 LOVE3 A Drop In The Ocean
63 YARD1 Bling-Bling Scramble
64 YARD2 Uzi Rider
65 YARD3 Gangcar Round-Up
66 YARD4 Kingdom Come
67 LOVE4 Grand Theft Aero
68 LOVE5 Escort Service
69 LOVE6 Decoy
70 LOVE7 Love's Disappearance
71 ASUSB1 Bait
72 ASUSB2 Espresso-2-Go!
73 ASUSB3 S.A.M.
74 HOOD1 Uzi Money
75 HOOD2 Toyminator
76 HOOD3 Rigged To Blow
77 HOOD4 Bullion Run
78 HOOD5 Rumble
79 CAT1 The Exchange

Vice City

Id Script name Mission name
0 INITIAL Initial
1 INTRO Intro
2 HOTEL An Old Friend
3 LAWYER1 The Party
4 LAWYER2 Back Alley Brawl
5 LAWYER3 Jury Fury
6 LAWYER4 Riot
7 GENERL1 Treacherous Swine
8 COL2 Mall Shootout
9 GENERL3 Guardian Angels
10 COL_4 Sir, Yes Sir!
11 COL_5 All Hands On Deck!
12 BARON1 The Chase
13 BARON2 Phnom Penh '86
14 BARON3 The Fastest Boat
15 BARON4 Supply & Demand
16 BARON5 Rub Out
17 KENT1 Death Row
18 SERG1 Four Iron
19 SERG3 Demolition Man
20 SERG2 Two Bit Hit
21 BANKJO1 No Escape?
22 BANKJO2 The Shootist
23 BANKJO3 The Driver
24 BANKJO4 The Job
25 PHIL1 Gun Runner
26 PHIL2 Boomshine Saigon
27 PORNO1 Recruitment Drive
28 PORNO2 Dildo Dodo
29 PORNO3 Martha's Mug Shot
30 PORNO4 G-spotlight
31 PROTEC1 Shakedown
32 PROTEC2 Bar Brawl
33 PROTEC3 Cop Land
34 COUNT1 Spilling the Beans
35 COUNT2 Hit the Courier
36 BUYPRO1 Printworks purchase
37 CARBUY1 Car Showroom (Sunshine Autos) purchase
38 BUYPRO2 Film Studio (Inter Global Films) purchase
39 ICECUT Ice Cream Factory (Cherry Poppers) purchase
40 TAXCUT Taxi Firm (Kaufman Cabs) purchase
41 BUYPRO3 The Malibu purchase
42 BOATBY Boatyard purchase
43 BUYPRO4 Pole Position Club purchase
44 BUYPRO5 El Swanko Casa purchase
45 LNKVBUY Links View Apartment purchase
46 HYCOBUY Hyman Condo purchase
47 OCHEBUY Ocean Heights Apartment purchase
48 WASHBUY 1102 Washington Street purchase
49 VCPTBUY 3321 Vice Point purchase
50 SKUMBUY Skumole Shack purchase
51 CAP_1 Cap the Collector
52 FIN_1 Keep your Friends Close...
53 BIKE1 Alloy Wheels of Steel
54 BIKE2 Messing with the Man
55 BIKE3 Hog Tied
56 CUBAN1 Stunt Boat Challenge
57 CUBAN2 Cannon Fodder
58 CUBAN3 Naval Engagement
59 CUBAN4 Trojan Voodoo
60 HAIT1 Juju Scramble
61 HAIT2 Bombs Away!
62 HAIT3 Dirty Lickin's
63 ROCKB1 Love Juice
64 ROCKB2 Psycho Killer
65 ROCKB3 Publicity Tour
66 RANGE Weapon Range
67 ASSIN1 Road Kill
68 ASSIN2 Waste the Wife
69 ASSIN3 Autocide
70 ASSIN4 Check Out at the Check In
71 ASSIN5 Loose Ends
73 TAXWAR2 Friendly Rivalry
74 TAXWAR3 Cabmaggedon
75 TAXI Taxi Driver
76 AMBULAN Paramedic
77 FIRETRU Firefighter
78 COPCAR Vigilante
79 OVALRNG Hotring
80 MM Bloodring
81 KICKST Dirtring
82 RACE Sunshine Autos Races
83 ICECRE1 Distribution
84 HELI1SC Downtown Chopper Checkpoint
85 HELI2SC Ocean Beach Chopper Checkpoint
86 HELI3SC Vice Point Chopper Checkpoint
87 HELI4SC Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint
88 BMX_1 Trial by Dirt
89 BMX_2 Test Track
90 T4X4_1 PCJ Playground
91 CARPRK1 Cone Crazy
92 PIZZA Pizza Boy
93 RCHELI RC Raider Pickup
94 RCRACE1 RC Bandit Race
95 RCPLNE1 RC Baron Race
96 COKERUN Checkpoint Charlie

San Andreas

Id Mission name
0 Initial 1
1 Initial 2
2 Intro
3 Video Game: They Crawled From Uranus
4 Video Game: Dualuty
5 Video Game: Go Go Space Monkey
6 Video Game: Let's Get Ready To Bumble
7 Video Game: Inside Track Betting
8 Pool
9 Lowrider (Bet And Dance)
10 Beefy Baron
11 Big Smoke
12 Ryder
13 Tagging Up Turf
14 Cleaning The Hood
15 Drive-Thru
16 Nines And AK's
17 Drive-By
18 Sweet's Girl
19 Cesar Vialpando
20 Los Sepulcros
21 Doberman
22 Burning Desire
23 Gray Imports
24 Home Invasion
25 Catalyst
26 Robbing Uncle Sam
27 OG Loc
28 Running Dog
29 Wrong Side of the Tracks
30 Just Business
31 Life's a Beach
32 Madd Dogg's Rhymes
33 Management Issues
34 House Party
35 Race Tournament / 8-track / Dirt Track
36 Lowrider (High Stakes)
37 Reuniting The Families
38 The Green Sabre
39 Badlands
40 First Date
41 Local Liquor Store
42 Small Town Bank
43 Tanker Commander
44 Against All Odds
45 King in Exile
46 Body Harvest
47 Are you going to San Fierro?
48 Wu Zi Mu / Farewell, My Love...
49 Wear Flowers In Your Hair
50 Deconstruction
51 555 WE TIP
52 Snail Trail
53 Mountain Cloud Boys
54 Ran Fa Li
55 Lure
56 Amphibious Assault
57 The Da Nang Thang
58 Photo Opportunity
59 Jizzy
60 Outrider
61 Ice Cold Killa
62 Toreno's Last Flight
63 Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
64 Pier 69
65 T-Bone Mendez
66 Mike Toreno
67 Zeroing In
68 Test Drive
69 Customs Fast Track
70 Puncture Wounds
71 Back to School
72 Air Raid
73 Supply Lines...
74 New Model Army
75 Monster
76 Highjack
77 Interdiction
78 Verdant Meadows
79 N.O.E.
80 Stowaway
81 Black Project
82 Green Goo
83 Learning to Fly
84 Fender Ketchup
85 Explosive Situation
86 You've Had Your Chips
87 Fish in a Barrel
88 Don Peyote
89 Intensive Care
90 The Meat Business
91 Freefall
92 Saint Mark's Bistro
93 Misappropriation
94 High Noon
95 Madd Dogg
96 Architectural Espionage
97 Key To Her Heart
98 Dam And Blast
99 Cop Wheels
100 Up, Up and Away!
101 Breaking the Bank at Caligula's
102 A Home In The Hills
103 Vertical Bird
104 Home Coming
105 Cut Throat Business
106 Beat Down on B Dup
107 Grove 4 Life
108 Riot
109 Los Desperados
110 End Of The Line (1)
111 End Of The Line (2)
112 End Of The Line (3)
113 Shooting range
114 Los Santos Gym Fight School
115 San Fierro Gym Fight School
116 Las Venturas Gym Fight School
117 Trucking
118 Quarry
119 Boat School
120 Bike School
121 Taxi-Driver Sub-Mission
122 Paramedic Sub-Mission
123 Firefighter Sub-Mission
124 Vigilante Sub-Mission
125 Burglary Sub-Mission
126 Freight Train Sub-Mission
127 Pimping Sub-Mission
128 Arena Mission: Blood Ring
129 Arena Mission: Kickstart
130 Beat the Cock!
131 Courier
132 The Chiliad Challenge
133 BMX / NRG-500 STUNT Mission
134 Buy Properties Mission

Liberty City Stories

Id Script name Mission name
0 INITOB initial: objects
1 INITHP initial: hidden packages
2 INITCG initial: car generators
3 INITPU initial: pickups
4 INITUSJ initial: unique stunt jumps
5 noname initial: player
6 INITGEN initial: general info
7 noname initial: lods
8 INITSAV initial: weapons
9 VIC1 Home Sweet Home
10 TAXIDR Taxi-Driver Sub-Mission
11 AMBULAN Paramedic Sub-Mission
12 COPCAR Vigilante Sub-Mission
13 CRASH Karmageddon
14 FIRETRU Firefighter Sub-Mission
15 TRASH2 Trash Dash
16 RCBOMB1 RC Triad Take-Down
17 RCRACE1 Thrashin' RC
18 RCRACE2 Ragin' RC
19 RCRACE3 Chasin' RC
21 NOODLE Noodleboy
22 PIZZA Pizzaboy
23 TR1 Wrong Side Of The Tracks
24 TT1 Bumps and Grinds: Course 1
25 TT2 Bumps and Grinds: Course 2
26 TT3 Bumps and Grinds: Course 3
27 TT4 Bumps and Grinds: Course 4
28 TT5 Bumps and Grinds: Course 5
29 TT6 Bumps and Grinds: Course 6
30 TT7 Bumps and Grinds: Course 7
31 TT8 Bumps and Grinds: Course 8
32 TT9 Bumps and Grinds: Course 9
33 TT10 Bumps and Grinds: Course 10
34 CARSALE Car Salesman
35 BIKESAL Bike Salesman
36 RAC1 RACE: Low-Rider Rumble
37 RAC2 RACE: Deimos Dash
38 RAC3 RACE: Wi-Cheetah Run
39 BIK1 RACE: Red Light Racing
40 BIK2 RACE: Torrington TT
41 BIK3 RACE: Gangsta GP
42 TP2 Scooter Shooter
43 TS1 AWOL Angel
44 TP1 9mm Mayhem
45 KICKST Scrapyard Challenge
46 TOURIST See the Sight Before your Flight
47 TV SlashTV
48 VIC2 Slacker
49 VIC3 Dealing Revenge
50 VIC4 Snuff
51 VIC5 Smash and Grab
52 VIC6 Hot Wheels
53 VIC7 The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade
54 SAL1 The Offer
55 SAL2 Ho Selecta!
56 SAL3 Frighteners
57 SAL4 Rollercoaster Ride
58 SAL5 Contra-Banned
59 SAL6 Sindacco Sabotage
60 SAL7 The Trouble with Triads
61 SAL8 Driving Mr Leone
62 JDREF conversation
63 JDT1 Bone Voyeur!
64 JDT2 Don in 60 Seconds
65 JDT3 A Volatile Situation
66 JDT4 Blow up 'Dolls'
67 JDT5 Salvatore's Salvation
68 JDT6 The Guns of Leone
69 JDT7 Calm before the Storm
70 JDT8 The Made Man
71 MAC1 Snappy Dresser
72 MAC2 Big Rumble in Little China
73 MAC3 Grease Sucho
74 MAC4 Dead Meat
75 MAC5 No Son of Mine
76 MAR1 Shop 'til you Strop
77 MAR2 Taken for a Ride
78 MAR3 Booby Prize
79 MAR4 Biker Heat
80 MAR5 Overdose of Trouble
81 SALS2 Making Toni
82 SALS1 A Walk In The Park
83 SALS3 Caught In The Act
84 SALS4 Search And Rescue
85 SALS5 Taking The Peace
86 SALS6 Shoot The Messenger
87 RAYS1 Sayonara Sindaccos
88 RAYS2 The Whole 9 Yardies
89 RAYS3 Crazy '69'
90 RAYS4 Night Of The Livid Dreads
91 RAYS5 Munitions Dump
92 DONS1 The Morgue Party Candidate
93 DONS2 Steering The Vote
94 DONS3 Cam-Pain
95 DONS4 Friggin' The Riggin'
96 DONS5 Love & Bullets
97 DONS6 Counterfeit Count
98 DONS7 Love On The Rocks
99 NEDS1 L.C. Confidential
100 NEDS2 The Passion Of The Heist
101 NEDS3 Karmageddon
102 NEDS4 False Idols
103 SALH1 Rough Justice
104 SALH2 Dead Reckoning
105 SALH3 Shogun Showdown
106 SALH4 The Shoreside Redemption
107 SALH5 The Sicilian Gambit
108 DONH1 Panlantic Land Grab
109 DONH2 Stop the Press
110 DONH3 Morgue Party Resurrection
111 DONH4 No Money, Mo' Problems
112 DONH5 Bringing the House Down
113 DONH6 Love on the Run
114 TOSH1 More Deadly than the Male
115 TOSH2 Cash Clash
116 TOSH3 A Date with Death
117 TOSH4 Cash in Kazuki's Chips

Vice City Stories

Script name Mission name Script name Mission name
0 INITPU initial: pickups INITPU initial: pickups
1 INITUSJ initial: unique stunt jumps INITCG initial: car generators
2 INITCG initial: car generators INITGA initial: garages
3 INITGA initial: garages INITOB initial: objects
4 INITOB initial: objects INITPLA initial: player
5 INITPLA initial: player INITGEN initial: general info
6 INITGEN initial: general info noname
7 noname noname Soldier
8 noname Soldier noname
9 noname BUILDDE development menu
10 BUILDDE development menu BUILD development
11 BUILD development RENC7 Phil Collins concert
12 RENC7 Phil Collins concert noname watch cutscenes
13 noname watch cutscenes SRANGE Shooting Range
14 SRANGE Shooting Range PARAMED Paramedic
15 PARAMED Paramedic VIG Vigilante
16 VIG Vigilante FIRETRK Fire Fighter
17 FIRETRK Fire Fighter CHOPLIF Air Rescue
18 CHOPLIF Air Rescue DRIVERA Driving range
19 DRIVERA Driving range TAXI Taxi Driver
20 TAXI Taxi Driver E_PR Extortion
21 E_PR Extortion E_RE Loan Shark
22 E_RE Loan Shark E_PI Pimping
23 E_PI Pimping E_DR Drug Running
24 E_DR Drug Running E_SM Smuggling
25 E_SM Smuggling E_RO Robbery
26 E_RO Robbery TTRIAL 'Watersports'
27 TTRIAL 'Watersports' CRASH 'Crash!' and 'Rush!'
28 CRASH 'Crash!' QTTRIAL Quad Bike Time Trials
29 QTTRIAL Quad Bike Time Trials BTRIAL BMX Time Trials
30 BTRIAL BMX Time Trials DTRIAL Sanchez Time Trials
31 DTRIAL Sanchez Time Trials GTRIAL 'Caddy Daddy'
32 BMXMALL Mashin' Up The Mall BMXMALL Mashin' Up The Mall
33 BEACHPL Beach Patrol BEACHPL Beach Patrol
34 TOURVCS Vice Sights TOURVCS Vice Sights
35 FIREHEL Fire Copter FIREHEL Fire Copter
36 RACEHUB Turismo races RACEHUB Turismo races
37 GYROTGT Skywolf GYROTGT Skywolf
38 AIRRACE Crims On Wings AIRRACE Crims On Wings
39 MVRACE Land, Sea And Air Ace AIRRAC2 Crims on Water Wings
40 PCJPLAY PCJ playground races MVRACE Land, Sea And Air Ace
41 HOVERTT Hover races MVRACE2 Hyman Memorial O.D.T.
42 noname Cleaning House PCJPLAY PCJ playground races
43 JER_A3 Conduct Unbecoming HOVERTT Hover races
44 PHI_A1 Cholo Victory noname Cleaning House
45 PHI_A2 Boomshine Blowout JER_A3 Conduct Unbecoming
46 PHI_A3 Truck Stop PHI_A1 Cholo Victory
47 PHI_A4 Marked Men PHI_A2 Boomshine Blowout
48 MAR_A1 Shakedown PHI_A3 Truck Stop
49 MAR_A2 Fear the Repo PHI_A4 Marked Men
50 MAR_A3 Waking Up the Neighbors MAR_A1 Shakedown
51 MAR_A4 O, Brothel, Where Art Thou? MAR_A2 Fear the Repo
52 MAR_A5 Got Protection? MAR_A3 Waking Up the Neighbors
53 LOU_A1 When Funday Comes MAR_A4 O, Brothel, Where Art Thou?
54 LOU_A2 Takin' Out the White-Trash MAR_A5 Got Protection?
55 LOU_A3 D.I.V.O.R.C.E. LOU_A1 When Funday Comes
56 LOU_A4 To Victor, the Spoils LOU_A2 Takin' Out the White-Trash
57 LOU_B1 Hose the Hoes LOU_A3 D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
58 LOU_B2 Robbing the Cradle LOU_A4 To Victor, the Spoils
59 LAN_B1 Jive Drive LOU_B1 Hose the Hoes
60 LAN_B2 The Audition LOU_B2 Robbing the Cradle
61 LAN_B4 Caught as an Act LAN_B1 Jive Drive
62 LAN_B5 Snitch Hitch LAN_B2 The Audition
63 LAN_B6 From Zero to Hero LAN_B4 Caught as an Act
64 UMB_B1 Nice Package LAN_B5 Snitch Hitch
65 UMB_B2 Balls LAN_B6 From Zero to Hero
66 UMB_B3 Papi Don't Screech UMB_B1 Nice Package
67 UMB_B4 Havana Good Time UMB_B2 Balls
68 BRY_B1 Money for Nothing UMB_B3 Papi Don't Screech
69 BRY_B3 Leap and Bound UMB_B4 Havana Good Time
70 BRY_B4 The Bum Deal BRY_B1 Money for Nothing
71 MEN_C1 The Mugshot Longshot BRY_B3 Leap and Bound
72 MEN_C2 Hostile Takeover BRY_B4 The Bum Deal
73 MEN_C3 Unfriendly Competition MEN_C1 The Mugshot Longshot
74 MEN_C5 High Wire MEN_C2 Hostile Takeover
75 noname Burning Bridges MEN_C3 Unfriendly Competition
76 REN_C1 Accidents Will Happen MEN_C5 High Wire
77 REN_C2 The Colonel's Coke noname Burning Bridges
78 noname Kill Phil REN_C1 Accidents Will Happen
79 REN_C4 Say Cheese REN_C2 The Colonel's Coke
80 REN_C5 Kill Phil: Part 2 noname Kill Phil
81 REN_C6 So Long Schlong REN_C4 Say Cheese
82 LAN_C1 Brawn of the Dead REN_C5 Kill Phil: Part 2
83 LAN_C3 Blitzkrieg REN_C6 So Long Schlong
84 LAN_C4 Turn on, Tune in, Bug out LAN_C1 Brawn of the Dead
85 LAN_C5 Taking the Fall LAN_C3 Blitzkrieg
86 noname White Lies LAN_C4 Turn on, Tune in, Bug out
87 LAN_C7 Where it Hurts Most LAN_C5 Taking the Fall
88 LAN_C8 Blitzkrieg Strikes Again noname White Lies
89 LAN_C9 Lost and Found LAN_C7 Where it Hurts Most
90 LAN_C10 Light My Pyre LAN_C8 Blitzkrieg Strikes Again
91 GON_C2 Home's on the Range LAN_C9 Lost and Found
92 GON_C3 Purple Haze LAN_C10 Light My Pyre
93 GON_C4 Farewell To Arms GON_C2 Home's on the Range
94 TEMP1 Steal the Deal GON_C3 Purple Haze
95 DIA_C2 The Exchange GON_C4 Farewell To Arms
96 DIA_C3 Domo Arigato Domestoboto TEMP1 Steal the Deal
97 DIA_C4 Over the Top DIA_C2 The Exchange
98 DIA_C5 Last Stand DIA_C3 Domo Arigato Domestoboto
99 DIA_C4 Over the Top
100 DIA_C5 Last Stand


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