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Sets the motion blur
0374: set_motion_blur [int]
Motion blur mode

This opcode sets the motion blur primarily by overlaying a color over the camera. It is most effective when the trails option is turned on and the amount of blurriness differs depending on the mode. The effects of this opcode are cleared when the player dies or is arrested. The effects are overridden when the Sniper Rifle is used.

Mode Enum Color Image Used in original SCM Notes
0 MOTION_BLUR_NONE 0374-0-1-2.jpg Default scene
1 MOTION_BLUR_SNIPER 0374-0-1-2.jpg When placed in a loop, this has the appearance of modes 4 and 7. The Sniper Rifle uses this mode which sets its own color to #B4FFB4.
2 MOTION_BLUR_LIGHT_SCENE 0374-0-1-2.jpg
3 MOTION_BLUR_SECURITY_CAM #00FF00 0374-3.jpg Green security camera
4 MOTION_BLUR_CUT_SCENE 0374-4-7.jpg
5 MOTION_BLUR_INTRO #64DCE6 0374-5.jpg
6 MOTION_BLUR_INTRO2 #50FFE6 0374-6.jpg
7 MOTION_BLUR_SNIPER_ZOOM 0374-4-7.jpg Explosion
8 MOTION_BLUR_INTRO3 #FF3C3C 0374-8.jpg Player is shot
9 MOTION_BLUR_INTRO4 #FFB4B4 0374-9.jpg


set, motion, blur