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Kills the player


0322: kill_player [player handle]


[player handle]
The handle of the player

This opcode kills the player. Contrary to the opcode's name, it does not explode the player's head. In GTA III, using this opcode instantly kills the player no matter what. A gush of blood will squirt out of the neck. The player cannot killed if the player is prevented from being hurt, e.g. opcode 01B4.

In Vice City, this opcode does not instantly kill depending on the health of the player or if the player can be damaged. Using this opcode subtracts 330 from the health of the player, so the player cannot be killed if one's health is over 330. The player can also be not killed if the player is prevented from being hurt, e.g. while entering a vehicle, opcode 01B4, or opcode 02AB with bulletproof set to true. If the player is in a car and is below the threshold of 330, the car will instantly stop and the player will fall out of the vehicle as if shot in the head and die. If the player is in a bike and is below threshold, the player will be knocked off the bike and die.


kill, player, explode, head

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