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The crusher crane


Activates a crusher crane
02FB: create_crusher_crane [flt1] [flt2] [flt3] [flt4] [flt5] [flt6] [flt7] [flt8] [flt9] [flt10]
X-coordinate of location of crane
Y-coordinate of location of crane
X-coordinate of one corner of pick up zone
Y-coordinate of one corner of pick up zone
X-coordinate of other corner of pick up zone
Y-coordinate of other corner of pick up zone
X-coordinate of drop off point
Y-coordinate of drop off point
Z-coordinate of drop off point
Heading of drop off point in degrees

This opcode grabs and activates a crane that accepts vehicles for the crusher. The crane behaves similarly to ones activated by opcode 01EE with the following differences. The height of the pick up zone is set at -0.95099998 units. If the crane has a magnet, the magnet is moved appropriately for that height. When you deliver a vehicle model it does not accept, a message with GXT key CR_1 ("Crane cannot lift this vehicle.") is displayed and the crane refuses the vehicle. The following vehicle models based on their IDE values are rejected by cranes activated with this opcode:

  • 97 (Firetruck)
  • 98 (Trashmaster)
  • 102 (Blista)
  • 118 (Securicar)
  • 121 (Bus)
  • 122 (Rhino)
  • 126 (Dodo)

The crusher itself is separate from the crane and is not tied to this restriction or the crane. It is technically considered a garage and its creation is hardcoded.


activate, create, crusher, crane

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External link

  • GTA Net GTAGarage: SilentPatch, allows the crusher crane to lift the Blista and not the Coach