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The start of a rampage in Vice City.


Starts a rampage
01F9: init_rampage '[string]' [int1] [int2] [int3] [int4] [int5] [int6] [int7] [int8]
GXT key to display at the start of the rampage
Weapon type
Time in milliseconds allowed for the rampage
Number of targets required to pass the rampage
Target #1 model index as defined in the PEDS section or CARS section of the IDE file; also acceptable is model's DFF name with a hash character. Use -1 for any ped or -2 for any vehicle.
Target #2, use -1 if target #2 is not needed
Target #3, use -1 if target #3 is not needed
Target #4, use -1 if target #4 is not needed
Normally set to 0, but if set to 1, completing the rampage will display the GXT key KF_3 in GTA III and Vice City or KILLPA in San Andreas

This opcode starts a rampage. A countdown timer and target kill counter appear on the right side of the HUD. The player is given the specified weapon with 30000 ammo, weapon scrolling is disabled, and the ability to collect any pickups is disabled. The model of the weapon must be loaded beforehand in order for the weapon to appear correctly. The targets must be killed with the specified weapon in order to register the kill with the exception of vehicles, which are counted when they explode from anything. When the timer reaches ten seconds, beeps are sounded until the rampage ends. When the timer reaches three seconds, the timer flashes. Passing the rampage removes any wanted level. The name "kill frenzy" comes from GTA 2 where rampages are called kill frenzies.

In Vice City, calling the opcode disables the taxi shortcut drop-off set by 058E.


init, start, rampage, kill, frenzy

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  • GTA III 0367, starts a headshot rampage