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GTA III Vice City San Andreas ADD_SCORE

Adds the player's money
0109: player [player handle] money += [int]
[player handle]
The handle of the player
Amount of money to add
Native analog

This opcode adds the integer value to the player's current amount of money. A negative value subtracts the player's money.

GTA III's upper limit for the money balance is $2,147,483,647. An additional reward will cause an integer overflow and the money negates to -$2,147,483,648.[1] Vice City introduced a new upper limit of $999,999,999, and the player's money cannot go below $0. Negative money balance is possible in San Andreas along with the same upper limit.


player, add, money, cash, score

See also

  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 010A, checks if the player's money is greater than value
  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 010B, stores the player's money