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GTA III Vice City San Andreas DEBUG_ON

Enables the debug mode
00C3: enter_debugmode

This opcode enables the debug mode flag. The game constantly resets this flag to zero, so to make of use of it, the opcode 00C3 must be placed in a loop for a continuous effect. To turn off the debug mode instantly, use the opcode 00C4. This opcode is primarily used to mark the locations of world or entity markers. Location check opcodes can create world markers but they are visually cylindrical while the locations are checked in rectangular or cubic coordinates. For many 2d location checks like 0056, it draws a square denoting the boundaries. For many 3d location checks like 0057, it draws a cube instead. The opcode is present in Vice City but the game never draws the cube or square, although data to draw them are still processed. This opcode was never called in the original scripts of GTA III or Vice City.

This opcode is a NOP in San Andreas.


enable, debug, mode, on