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GTA III Vice City San Andreas SET_TIME_OF_DAY

Sets the current game clock
00C0: set_current_time [int1] [int2]
Game hour
Game minute
Native analog

This opcode sets the current game clock. Valid values for hours are between 0 and 23, and for minutes are between 0 and 59. In Vice City, it is not possible to set a time outside the range as the game takes the modulo of 24 with the hour and modulo of 60 with the minute.

Due to a bug in Vice City when starting a new game, setting the clock before a timer update (which can happen through 0001 or 03CB, among others) can cause the clock to speed forward similar in effect to inputting the "faster game clock" cheat. Either don't set the time at all (which will initialize the clock to 12:00) or set it after a timer update. An example of correct usage can be seen here.


set, current, time, clock, day

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