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Label is a part of almost any script. It is a sequence of characters that identifies a specific location within the script. In Sanny Builder, labels are denoted with a : (colon sign) as the first character followed by letters, digits, or _ (underscore sign). Labels are case-insensitive.



Labels are widely used in scripts in unconditional and conditional jumps. To go to a specific label, you must use its name with a @ (at sign) as the first character.


0002: jump @Label

Sanny Builder also has a feature to display a list of all labels used in source code when you type @ into the editor.

As a label specifies a location within the script an arbitrary integer number can be used instead. Positive numbers and 0 serve as an offset from the beginning of the main script, whereas a negative number serves as a local offset from the beginning of a mission or an external script where it is used.

0002: jump 100 // can be used anywhere
0002: jump -21 // can be used only within a mission/external script

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