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Hi. First of all welcome to And thank you for all your efforts made on the GTA IV native functions descriptions.

But when I looked through it, I saw that you incorrectly made descriptions for those ones that actually return a result (being some number or boolean value holding on the stack). For example, GET_TIME_SINCE_PLAYER_DROVE_ON_PAVEMENT. From what I can undestand reading this name, the function returns some kind of a number which is, after function executed, stored in a variable. Like:


But I see no mention of the result on that page, what type it is: float or int, its description, like it's done there: CONVERT INT TO PLAYERINDEX.

Then, on some pages the function number of parameters and actual description are also different. For example, IS_PLAYER_CLIMBING. You had set that it has 2 parameters, while we see only one. What is the second? Is it the result?

It would be nice if you revisit the articles you created and fix those mistakes. Seemann?! 22:51, 22 April 2010 (UTC)