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thehambone is a computer programmer, GTA modder, and a hardcore GTA fan for over 10 years. He enjoys reverse-engineering and learning about the inner-workings of the GTA games. thehambone likes to develop tools for the GTA games and values the sharing of knowledge.

Mods and Tools

GTA III Save File Editor GTA III

GTA III Save File Editor
Current version:0.2
Developed by:thehambone
Supported games:GTA III
Type:Save Editor
Website:Official topic on GTAForums

This tool allows you to edit save files created by Grand Theft Auto III. It is a work-in-progress, so it is not complete yet and more features are planned for future releases. It currently supports PC (Windows and Mac OS X), Android, and iOS save files.

GTA LCS Save Editor Liberty City Stories

GTA LCS Save Editor
Current version:work-in-progress
Developed by:thehambone
Supported games:GTA LCS
Type:Save Editor
Website:Official topic on GTAForums

A work-in-progress save editor for GTA: LCS. It will support PS2, iOS, and Android saves.

GTASum GTA III Vice City San Andreas Liberty City Stories Vice City Stories

Current version:1.0.0
Developed by:thehambone
Website:Official topic on GTAForums

GTASum is a simple tool that will fix the checksum of modified GTA save files. Simply drag-and-drop the desired save file into the program and it will calculate the checksum and write it to the end of the file. Only confirmed to work with 3D-era save files.

GTA III Player Skin Selector GTA III

This is a simple CLEO script that allows you to change your player skin! Over 40 special skins are available, ranging from story characters, police officers, and even unused characters! Skins even persist after saving the game! This mod does not add skins to the game! It simply allows you to choose skins that aren't normally accessible via the ILIKEDRESSINGUP cheat.
Official topic on GTAForums.