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A default template for displaying Naviboxes which is shorter to write and can display multiple from the same line of code.

Navibox Template Syntax
GTA III GTA III {{N|3}} or {{N|III}
Vice City GTA VC {{N|VC}}
San Andreas GTA SA {{N|SA}}
Liberty City Stories GTA LCS {{N|LCS}}
Vice City Stories GTA VCS {{N|VCS}}
GTA IV GTA IV {{N|4}} or {{N|IV}} or {{N|GTAIV}}
GTA V GTA V {{N|5}} or {{N|V}} or {{N|GTAV}}
Grand Theft Auto series Multiplayer {{N|MP}}
Grand Theft Auto series Savegame {{N|SG}}

You can display multiple Naviboxes by using combining the syntax between {{N| and }}, separated by |. They will display in the order listed and all except the first will be collapsed by default. Examples:

  • {{N|V|IV}}
  • {{N|VCS|LCS}}
  • {{N|SA|VC|III}}
  • {{SG|III}}