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The GTAF template is used to quickly paste a link on GTAForums.com. The template could be used for links on topics, user profiles and single posts.

Template Usage

Topic link without description


produces: GTA Net GTAForums topic

Topic link with description

{{GTAF|100|Some random topic}}

produces: GTA Net GTAForums: Some random topic

Section link without description


produces: GTA Net GTAForums section

Section link with description

{{GTAF|section|120|GTA IV section}}

produces: GTA Net GTAForums: GTA IV section

Single post link without description


produces: Post.png Post on GTAForums

Single post link with description

{{GTAF|post|137906|1756646|Random post}}

produces: Post.png GTAForums: Random post

User profile link without description


produces: User.png GTANet Profile

User profile link with description


produces: User.png GTAForums: Seemann

Elementary linking

To create links to posts without any additional icons or text and description use the following template:


You can also add an description:

{{GTAF|plain|100|Some random topic}}