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Number of parameters: 1
Parameter #TypeDescription
Return value:

This function will play a police report audio usually played after certain missions are completed or after certain events happened. The audio are located in SCRIPTED_LINES.ivaud in the POLICE_SCANNER.rpf file.

Audio Description
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_B4 Trespass factory shootout and explosion
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_B5 To Live and Die in Alderney sting operation compromised
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_BC3 Buoys Ahoy wreckless speedboats
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_C4 Paper Trail helicopter accident
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_DF2 Undress to Kill strip club shooting
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_DM2 Babysitting boats bringing illegal materials
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_DM3 Tunnel of Death attempted prison escape
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_EM4 Blow Your Cover shooting
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_EM6 The Snow Storm old hospital shootout
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_F5 Rigged to Blow garage explosion
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_FM2 Final Interview law firm shooting
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_FM5 Blood Brothers courtyard shooting
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_G2 Dining Out restaurant shootout
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_GM1 Actions Speak Louder than Words explosion
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_PM3 Three Leaf Clover bank robbery
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_PX1 Deconstruction for Beginners construction site shooting
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_R12 Hostile Negotiation warehouse shootout
SCRIPTED_REPORTS_RB6 Late Checkout hotel shooutout

Police report audio in Episodes from Liberty City are located in E#_SCANNER_SCRIPTED_LINES.ivaud in the EP#_SFX.rpf file.

Audio Description
BH02_CORNER_KIDS_SCANNER_01 Corner Kids wiretap bust
BR03_COAST_ROAD_CHASE_SCANNER_01 No. 3 stolen vehicles
CLUB_PROC_7_SCANNER Club Management drug deal at Vespucci University
E1_SCANNER_BG6_01 This Shit's Cursed shots fired at Dragon Hearts Plaza
E1_SCANNER_BG6_02 This Shit's Cursed William Grey arrested
E1_SCANNER_ET2_01 Marta Full of Grace immigration related incident
E1_SCANNER_ET3_01 Shifting Weight
E1_SCANNER_ET3_02 Shifting Weight
E1_SCANNER_ST1_01 Politics internal security at Francis International breached
E1_SCANNER_ST1_02 Politics VIP assassination attempt in progress
E1_SCANNER_ST2_01 Off Route
E1_SCANNER_ST2_02 Off Route
E2_GENERIC_CLUB_REPORT Boulevard Baby nightclub disturbance
GT05_BANG_BANG_SCANNER_01 Bang Bang explosion at Francis International
GT07_DIAMOND_HAND_OFF_SCANNER_01 Frosting on the Cake shootout in East Hook
J2_SCRIPTED_SCANNER_REPORT Bad Cop Drop undercover unit under attack
RP_MARGOT_2_SCANNER Margot's murder
Y4_TRAIN_THEFT_SCANNER_01 For the Man Who Has Everything possible terrorist on train
Y4_TRAIN_THEFT_SCANNER_02 For the Man Who Has Everything terror attack on subway
YA02_ROTTERDAM_TOWER_SHOOTOUT_SCANNER_01 High Dive assistance in Rotterdam Tower
YA03_STEAL_TANK_SCANNER_01 Caught with Your Pants Down attack on NOOSE air transport