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This is an incomplete list of all modifications that fix clearly broken features or restore console features on the PC version of the GTA games:

Games Mod Author Description
San Andreas GTA San Andreas Fixed Vehicles Aztecas_5 Fixes a wide variety of issues related to vehicles models
San Andreas Black roads fix DK22Pac Fixes "black roads" issue
San Andreas San Andreas Mission Packs Fix Seemann, Sanchez Allows a mission pack to use its own script.img file
GTA III Steam Car Colour Fix Sergeanur Fixes dark car colors bug in the Steam version
Vice City Ped Speech Patch Sergeanur Restores ped speech frequency
GTA III Vice City San Andreas GInput Silent Fully supports the PlayStation and Xbox controllers and restores their features
GTA III Vice City PS2 Loadscreens Silent Restores randomized load screens (included in SkyGfx)
GTA III Vice City San Andreas SilentPatch Silent Restores and fixes a very wide range of missing or broken features
Vice City Vice City Trails Silent Restores Vice City's "trails" feature
Vice City Construct Stat Line spaceeinstein Fixes a number of bugs in the statistics menu (supersedes the Pilot Ranking Patch)
Vice City Havana Outfit Fix spaceeinstein Fixes the misplacement of the Havana outfit pickup
Vice City Pedestrian Traffic Signal Fix spaceeinstein Restores the pedestrian traffic signal on the trafficlight1.dff model
GTA III Vice City San Andreas SkyGfx The Hero Restores PS2 post processing, car reflections and other things
GTA III Vice City hi-res generic.txd The Hero Restores the higher resolution textures in generic.txd
Vice City Fixed VC Animations theNGclan Restores PS2 idle animations
San Andreas Widescreen HOR+ Support Wesser Adds a full native-like support for widescreen resolutions by maintaining the original scaling
GTA 1 GTA 2 GTA III Vice City San Andreas Widescreen Fixes Pack ThirteenAG Fixes major scaling issues when using widescreen resolutions
GTA III Vice City San Andreas Y-Axis Sensitivity Fix ThirteenAG Fixes y-axis mouse sensitivity (included in SilentPatch)