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Gets the maximum wanted level
050F: get_max_wanted_level_to [var]
Variable to store the max wanted level, an integer value

This opcode stores the maximum attainable wanted level, which can be set using opcode 01F0.

For GTA III and Vice City

This opcode does not exist in GTA III and Vice City but it is possible to get the maximum wanted level. The following example, using Sanny Builder with CLEO for GTA III and Vice City in an external script (not the main one) and tested on US v1.0, should work similarly to this opcode. Place this at the end of the file for Vice City:

05E0: 0@ = read_memory 0x6910D8 size 4 virtual_protect 0
05F6: ret 1 0@

or for GTA III:

05E0: 0@ = read_memory 0x5F7714 size 4 virtual_protect 0
05F6: ret 1 0@

Use this line as a substitute for opcode 050F. This can be placed anywhere within the external script:

05F5: call_scm_func @opcode_050F inputs 0 store_to [var]


get, store, max, maximum, wanted, level