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GTA III Vice City

Sets the variation of the next car to be created. The first parameter (vehicle model) is useless and might as well remain 0. Maximum variation ID of the car is 5. Numbers from 1 to 5 are variants of the car. -1 is the default option (no change). Also vehicles can has 2 variations.
0506: set_car_model_components [int1] to [int2] [int3]
Vehicle model ID
First number of car variation
Second number of car variation

San Andreas

Model name ID Changes 0 1 2 3 4 5
ambulan 416 Numbers: 37 71 x x x x
artict1 435 Side Ads: Cok-o-Pops Munky Juice Hinterland Zip RS Haul Ranch
artict2 450 Contents: Filled with gravel / coal / stone x x x x x
bagboxb 607 Contents: Various distributions of loose baggage x x x
baggage 485 Rear Cargo Items: Earmuffs Small Case Large Case x x x
barracks 433 Bed Covering: Opaque Fabric Camo Netting x x x x
benson 499 Side Ads: Shady Industries LSD The Uphill Gardener Discount Furniture x x
bf400 581 Exhausts: Fairings (with Windshields): Single Type1 Single Type2 Dual Type3 Half-size Full-size x
bfinject 424 Body: Side Panels x x x x x
bloodra 504 Numbers/ Roof Color: 328/ White 464/ Check 172/ Check 100/ White 284/ White 505/ Check
bobcat 422 Bed Items: Spare Tire Sprunk Cans        
burrito 482 Roof Items: Roof Lights + Spoiler x x x x x
caddy 457 Rear Cargo Driver Side: Rear Cargo Pass Side: Golfbag1 Satchel1 Golfbag2 Satchel2 Golfbag3 Golfbag4
camper 483   Open Curtains & Second Bench Seat Open Roof Vent Closed Curtains Bed in Back Peace Sign x x x x
cheetah 415 Side Mirrors: Single, Placed High Dual, Placed Normally x x x x
coach 437 Name on Side: Big O Tours Bikini Line x x x x
coastg 472 Various Items: Items all Over, Items Grouped in Back Items all Over +2 Oars in Front x x x
fcr900 521 Exhausts: Fairings (with Windshields): Single Type1 Dual Type1 Dual Type2 Half-size Full-size x
firetruk 407 Numbers: 64 16 47 x x x
flatbed 455 Cargo: Crates in Front Crates in center under Tarp Two Sets of crates (Front and Back) x x x
hotknife 434   Partial Engine Cover x x x x x
hotrina 502 Numbers: 96 67 73 52 45 14
hotrinb 503 Numbers: 82 26 65 07 36 60
kart 571 Body Panels: Both Sides Steering Column x x x x
launch 595 Roofs: Over passenger section Over driver section x x x x
marquis 484   Windshield over cabin Entrance x x x x x
mesa 500   Roof Over Back Roll Bar in Back x x x x
monstera 556   Roof Spoiler Roof Lights Roll Bar with Lights x x x
monsterb 557   x Roof Lights x x x x
mrwhoop 423 Rear Sign: Cherry Popping Good, Slow Children Ahead x x x x
mule 414 Side Ads: Toy Corner Binco Semi Shafted Appliances x x
nrg500 522 Exhausts: Fairings (with Windshields): Single Pair1 Single Pair2 Dual Pair2 Smooth With Side Cutouts x
patriot 470 Cargo Area: Low Cover Roof/High Cover Roll Bar x x x
peren 404   Roof Rack x x x x x
picador 600 Items in Bed Planks Sprunk Cans x x x x
pony 413   Sound System in Back x x x x x
reefer 453 Items in Back: Boxes of Fish Bench x x x x
romero 442 Coffins: Brown Style1 Black Style2 Brown Style3 x x x
rumpo 440 Side Ads: Cok-o-Pops Harry Plums Dick Goblin's Final Build Transfender Wheel Arch Angels
sadler 543 Items in Bed Two Propane Tanks & Crate Two Barrels Sprunk Cans Open Crates x x
sadlshit 605 Items in Bed Two Propane Tanks & Crate Two Barrels Sprunk Cans Open Crates x x
securica 428 Side Logo: Chuff Lock&Load x x x x
slamvan 535 Steering Wheel: Normal Chain x x x x
stallion 439 Roof: Hardtop Softtop (up) Softtop (folded) x x x
supergt 506   Full Roof x x x x x
swatvan 601 Number: 1 9 6 7 x x
topfun 459   Boxes of Toys in Back x x x x x
tram 449   ? ? ? ? ? x
trash 408   Some bits of trash sticking out of the back x x x x x
utility 552   Cones, Barrel in back, Cone lying on passenger / driver side rail x x x x
walton 478 Items in Bed Two Propane Tanks Open Crates Propane Tank and Barrel x x x
windsor 555   Roof          
yankee 456 Side Ads: Big Gas RS Haul Star Balls Flower Power x x
zr350 477   Rear Spoiler x x x x x

Vice City

Model Changes 0 1 2 3 4 5
barracks Bed coverings Closed top Open top with frame Open top      
bfinject Engine Variant 1 Variant 2 Variant 3      
benson Company names and contents Sumo ZIP Vice 'n' Easy Bitch 'n' Dog Food blank and empty  
bloodra Numbers, ads, and rear window style 53 27 3 69 99 1
bloodrb Numbers, ads, and rear window style 83 11 41 59 48 73
boxville Company names and contents CityHaul Haul Marlin R.S. & L. Bows blank and empty  
burrito Roof Spoiler and roof light none        
cabbie Roof light normal normal Lightless      
caddy Rear contents Brown golf bag Brown satchel Red golf bag Purple satchel Green golf bag Blue golf bag
cheetah Mirrors and dashboard Single mirror Double mirrors No mirror, black siren on dashboard No mirror, clean dashboard    
coach Company names Vice Free Bus Line Whippet Express Coach Bullet Bus and Coach Line blank    
firetruk Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6
flatbed Rear contents Stacked boxes Stacked pipes Tall covered thing (whale?) Short covered thing (whale?) Stacked smaller boxes Stacked boxes (like in variant 0)
gangbur Bear position Front Top none      
hotrina Numbers and ads 46 21 34 78 56 99
hotrinb Numbers and ads 14 28 35 65 69 80
kaufman Roof lights normal normal Lightless      
mesa Bed coverings Covered back Framed back none      
mule Company names and rear contents Haul Outta Sight Marlin Vice Voice R.S.&L. Bows blank and empty
patriot Bed coverings Low covered back High covered back Open back with rack none    
peren Roof Roof rack No roof rack        
pony Company names R.S. & L. Bows Gasmaster blank      
romero Casket Fancy brown casket Black casket Simple brown casket empty    
taxi Roof light normal normal Lightless      
stallion Roof Closed top Open top        
trash Trash Trash sticking out in rear No trash in rear        
vicechee Side mirrors Single mirror Double mirrors No mirrors      
yankee Company names CityHaul Haul Marlin R.S. & L. Bows blank  
zebra Roof light normal normal Lightless      


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