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Sets the character's animation speed
GTA III 0393: set_actor [char handle] anim_speed [flt]
San Andreas 0393: actor [char handle] perform_animation "[string]" at [flt] times_normal_rate
[char handle]
The handle of the character
Speed (default 1.0)
Animation name

This opcode sets the character's animation speed. It was never called in the original script of GTA III.

For Vice City

This opcode does not exist in Vice City but it is possible to set the speed of a character's animation. The following example, using Sanny Builder with CLEO for Vice City in an external script (not the main one) and tested on US v1.0, should work similarly to this opcode.

// 0@ - input param (character handle)
// 1@ - input param (speed)
05E6: 0@ = actor 0@ struct
0@ += 0x4C
05E0: 0@ = read_memory 0@ size 4 virtual_protect 0  // get address of RpClump
05E2: call_method 0x402E20 num_params 1 pop 1 0@ 0@  // RpAnimBlendClumpGetFirstAssociation
    not 0@ == 0
    0@ += 0x24
    05DF: write_memory 0@ size 4 value 1@ virtual_protect 0  // set anim speed
05F6: ret 0

Use this line as a substitute for opcode 0393. This can be placed anywhere within the external script:

05F5: call_scm_func @opcode_0393 inputs 2 char_handle [char handle] speed [flt]

Disassembled code

This is disassembled code for this opcode from PC v1.0 US.


    mov     eax, [esp+208h+var_204]
    mov     ecx, [esp+208h+var_204]             ; get address of script for thiscall
    add     eax, 10h                            ; get address of script's current instruction pointer
    push    2                                   ; push 2 for two parameters to collect
    push    eax                                 ; push address of script's current instruction pointer
    call    CRunningScript::CollectParameters   ; call CRunningScript::CollectParameters(uint *,short)
    mov     eax, ds:ScriptParams[0]             ; get value of first parameter, the ped handle
    mov     ecx, ds:CPools::ms_pPedPool         ; get address of ped pool for thiscall
    push    eax                                 ; push ped handle
    call    CPool_CPed_CPlayerPed::GetAt        ; call CPool<CPed, CPlayerPed>::GetAt(int) to get address of ped
    mov     eax, [eax+4Ch]                      ; offset ped address by 0x4C to get address of RpClump
    push    eax                                 ; push address of RpClump
    call    RpAnimBlendClumpGetFirstAssociation ; call RpAnimBlendClumpGetFirstAssociation(RpClump *)
    test    eax, eax                            ; check whether or not returned address is nonzero
    pop     ecx
    jz      short loc_44D7F8
    fld     ds:ScriptParams[1]                  ; get value of second parameter, a floating-point value representing the speed
    fstp    dword ptr [eax+24h]                 ; offset returned address by 0x24 and set it to the value
    xor     al, al                              ; return 0


set, character, actor, anim, animation, speed, rate