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Sets the vehicle to block another vehicle
032D: car [car handle1] block [car handle2]
[car handle1]
The handle of the source vehicle
[car handle2]
The handle of the target vehicle

This opcode sets the vehicle to block the target vehicle by driving in front of it. A driver other than the player must be present for the opcode to work. Anytime the vehicle stops, it will reverse and attempt to block the target vehicle again. It is recommended that the driving style and cruise speed be changed to increase the effectiveness of the block. If the vehicle has a siren, the siren will be switched on. Making the vehicle perform some other actions, like making the driver leave the vehicle or making the vehicle drive to someplace else, cancels the effect. The target vehicle must exist — if it disappears while the blocking is still in effect, the game will crash.


set, car, vehicle, block