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Sets the vehicle model of the gang
0236: set_gang [int1] car_to [int2]
Gang index
Valid model index as defined in the CARS section of the IDE file; also acceptable is model's DFF name with a hash character; -1 uses no vehicle

This opcode sets the gang's preferred vehicle to drive in. The opcode is used after the gang is allowed to spawn in vehicles using opcode 0152 so this opcode is useless by itself. Only one gang car can be used for one gang. Use a value of -1 as the vehicle model to make the gang not drive any vehicle. If more than one gang is assigned to one vehicle, the first assigned gang will be used. If more than one vehicle is assigned to a gang, the last assigned vehicle will be used. If the vehicle is hardcoded to be assigned to a ped (e.g. taxi drivers in taxis), it will not spawn the gang member but will spawn the assigned ped instead. A few vehicles, like the Barracks OL, have ped models not normally loaded into the game and could crash the game. One solution is to load the model of the ped. The setting is saved in block 12 of the save file in GTA III and block 13 in Vice City.


set, gang, assign, vehicle, car