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Sets all taxi roof lights
021F: set_all_taxi_lights [int]
0 = roof lights off (default), 1 = roof lights on

This opcode allows all taxis to spawn with their roof lights turned on. Anything that can spawn a taxi like 00A5, 014B, or natural traffic, is affected. Taxis that are already spawned are not affected by this opcode. This opcode was never called in the original script of GTA III.

For Vice City

This opcode does not exist in Vice City but leftover code allows for this effect. The following example, using Sanny Builder with CLEO for Vice City in an external script (not the main one) and tested on US v1.0, should work similarly to this opcode.

// 0@ - input param (set)
05DF: write_memory 0xA10ABB size 1 value 0@ virtual_protect 0  // CAutomobile::m_sAllTaxiLights
05F6: ret 0

Use this line as a substitute for opcode 021F. This can be placed anywhere within the external script:

05F5: call_scm_func @opcode_021F inputs 1 set [int]


set, toggle, all, taxi, cab, cabbie, light, lights

See also

  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 0216, sets single taxi roof light