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Creates a character in the passenger seat of the vehicle
01C8: [var] = create_actor_pedtype [int1] model [int2] in_car [car handle] passenger_seat [int3]
[car handle]
The handle of the vehicle
Ped type
Valid model index as defined in the PEDS section of the IDE file; also acceptable is model's DFF name with a hash character
Seat position
Variable to store the handle of the character
Native analog

Similar to opcode 009A, this opcode creates a character in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Using this opcode requires an existing vehicle and opcode 0247 to load the model of the character or else the game could crash. Characters can even be created in wrecked vehicles as long as the vehicle exists. Without further additions, if the player enters the vehicle with the character, the character will exit the vehicle. Additional opcodes like 0526 are needed to prevent them from doing that.

If you create a character in a non-existent seat, the character will still be created inside the vehicle but it will be invisible. Certain actions that would normally make the character voluntarily exit the vehicle won't work but opcodes can force the character to exit the vehicle.

Seat position

Seat Four-seat Two-seat
0 front right seat rear seat
1 rear left seat
2 rear right seat


create, actor, character, pedtype, model, vehicle, car, passenger