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GTA III Vice City San Andreas IS_CAR_DEAD

Checks if the vehicle is dead
0119:   car [car handle] wrecked
[car handle]
The handle of the vehicle

This conditional opcode returns true if the vehicle is dead, which occurs when the vehicle is blown up and rendered undrivable. The vehicle is also dead if it is submerged into water, except if it is a boat. The vehicle can be revived if it can be rendered drivable again, e.g. fished out of the water. In GTA III, it behaves exactly opposite to opcode 00AC.


See 0136#Example, 01C3#Example


check, car, vehicle, alive, dead, wrecked

See also

  • GTA III 00AC, checks if the vehicle is alive
  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 0117, checks if the player is dead
  • GTA III Vice City San Andreas 0118, checks if the character is dead