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I am marking the article with cleanup-rewrite for the following reasons:

  • The article name is misleading, since it can be easily confused with the Texture (RW Section) article. The official name of this section is RwRaster, which describes a platform-specific image. (See p. 117,118)
  • The article Texture Native Struct can be merged into this article, because it makes little sense to have them separate. Other RW section articles also handle their data inside the parent articles (e.g. Texture (RW Section)). Furthermore, the Struct (RW Section) article already points here.

--Aschratt (talk) 12:57, 21 July 2020 (UTC)

I've merged the Texture Native Struct article with this article and removed the cleanup-rewrite marker. Anyway, I am still suggesting to rename this article to RwRaster. --Aschratt (talk)
I've also moved the page and renamed all references (at least if I didn't miss any). --Aschratt (talk)