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Icon Template syntax
GTA 1 {{Icon|1}}
GTA 2 {{Icon|2}}
GTA III {{Icon|3}} or {{Icon|III}}
Vice City {{Icon|VC}}
San Andreas {{Icon|SA}}
GTA III Vice City San Andreas {{Icon|trilogy}} or {{Icon|t}}
Liberty City Stories {{Icon|LCS}}
Vice City Stories {{Icon|VCS}}
GTA IV {{Icon|4}} or {{Icon|IV}}
GTA V {{Icon|5}} or {{Icon|V}}
GTA Net {{Icon|GTAnet}} or {{Icon|net}}
Grand Theft Auto series {{Icon}} (default)

The second parameter is optional and its value is the icon size (16px, by default).


San Andreas {{Icon|SA|32}}
Mouseover text {{Icon|SA|32|Main Page|Mouseover text}}
No link {{Icon|SA|32||No link}}
San Andreas San Andreas {{Icon|SA}} {{Icon|SA|16}}

Parameters are not case sensitive.