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The goal of this site is to have all GTA modding related knowledge in one convenient place. At the moment this will consist of guides and tutorials for modding as well as modding related documentation. All GTANet members can contribute their knowledge and are invited to write articles for the site (see User's Guide for an introduction into the world of Wiki). You can begin editing by logging in with your GTAForums account details.


As stated above, the main goal of GTAMods Wiki is to have full documentation of how to mod in the GTA series, all in one place. The site uses software known as wiki, which means that anyone can edit and contribute to the site, making it a community-led project to get down as much information as possible. The advantage of a wiki site is that everybody can contribute with their knowledge, without having to worry too much about it passing a requirement. Thus, anybody wanting to know all about modding the GTA series need only to look one place:

Site structure

The site is split into two main sections: Tutorials & Guides and Documentation. Here's what they're all about:

Tutorials and Guides

Just what it says on the tin - tutorials and guides take you through important and difficult modding steps step-by-step. This, if you like, is the equivalent to WikiBooks - the tutorials and guides are not an encyclopedic reference guide, they are designed to show you how to do things.


Documentation, on the other hand, is more of an encyclopedia. Articles under this category should be reference entries, such as the way certain aspects of modding work. They should be just like pages in an encyclopedia or a dictionary, and is the equivalent of the famous Wikipedia.


GTAMods Wiki is proud to be part of the GTA Network, a network of websites universally covering everything to do with the Grand Theft Auto series. The accepted quality of the other sites in the network has been reflected upon this one, thus articles created are expected to be of a decent quality and written in correct English.


On, there is a section designed to help modders answer their questions. However, it was felt that the endless repeated questions and pinned topic called for a bigger, separate site, where all knowledge of modding could be documented and made available to the world.