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Vice City San Andreas SET_EXTRA_COLOURS


Sets the extra color of the sky


04F9: set_extracolors [int1] fade [int2]


Extra color

This opcode sets the extra color of the sky. It is mainly used in interiors in the original script but it can be used outside interiors. In Vice City, the colors are defined in the "Extracolours" section of the timecyc.dat file. Each line in the section corresponds to the color of the sky. Colors 1 through 24 are available. Values outside the range defined in the file produce weird effects. The second parameter determines if the color should instantly change (0) or set to the default sky briefly and then fade into change (1). Opcode 04FA clears the extra color effect. The effect will carry into a new game so you have to explicitly clear the effect if you don't want it carried over. The extra color, fade, and whether extra color is active are saved in block 0 of the save file in Vice City and block 0 in San Andreas.


The following lists all extra colors used in areas in the original script of Vice City. It includes comments made in Rockstar's documentation if available.

Color Area Comment
1 The Malibu Club MALIBU CLUB
2 The 'Pole Position Club' Strip Club
3 Apartment 3c
3 Ocean View Hotel
4 El Banco Corrupto Grande Bank
5 VCPD HQ Police HQ
6 North Point Mall Mall
7 Finale mission
7 Rifle Range Rifle Range
8 Diaz's Mansion/Vercetti Estate Mansion
9 Dirtring dirtring
10 Bloodring Blood ring
11 Hotring Hot ring
12 Love Fist concert hall concerthall
13 Auntie Poulet's auntie poulets
14 Introduction Viceport cutscene intro at docks
15 Greasy Choppers biker bar
16 Marco's Bistro the intro cafe dark room
17 Love Fist recording studio studio


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